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Synutra president to address chondroitin adulteration

Synutra president to address chondroitin adulteration
President Weiguo Zhang will present on a new, largely unknown chondroitin adulterant that Synutra discovered recently.

Synutra Ingredients President Weiguo Zhang will give a presentation on “Winning the Battle against Chondroitin Adulteration” at SupplySide West on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013. His presentation, from 1:15 to 1:25 p.m., will take place on the WHY stage on the trade show floor at the Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas.

When Synutra Ingredients launched the industry’s first branded chondroitin ingredients, Chondro Gold® and Chondro Cal®, in early 2013, it shined a spotlight on the problem of adulteration in the chondroitin supply chain. More recently, Synutra discovered a new adulterant in chondroitin, about which not much is known to date. Zhang will outline what the adulterants are, testing methods that work better than others, and why adulteration is so prevalent in the chondroitin market. For any company selling chondroitin, this is a “must attend” presentation.

Synutra Ingredients, the industry’s largest chondroitin supplier, leads the industry in technological advancement, particularly in the area of developing methodologies to combat economically motivated adulteration in the chondroitin supply chain. Synutra Ingredients has applied established documentary standards and official methodologies in effectively detecting various adulterants in commercial samples and retail products for research purposes. Synutra is working with the foremost experts in the industry and academia to validate and publish the test procedures. Synutra works closely with other industry leaders to address ongoing issues in the supply chain with an eye on the downstream product requirements and consumer concerns.



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