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TSI Group's China glucosamine facility EU certified

TSI Group's China glucosamine facility EU certified
Xuzhou, Jiangsu facility becomes the only one in the world to offer both EU approved shellfish- and vegetal-sourced glucosamine from a single facility.

In support of its long-term strategy to meet regulatory demands worldwide, TSI Group Ltd. confirms that its Xuzhou, Jiangsu facility is EU-certified to deliver shellfish-derived glucosamine to Europe—making it the only facility in China, and the world, to offer both EU approved shellfish- and vegetal-sourced glucosamine from a single facility.

Amid longstanding concerns over quality and sourcing in China, regulatory changes put in place last February by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) dictate that new consignments of fishery sourced glucosamine products must come from EU-certified countries and facilities.

The TSI-owned and operated Xuzhou, Jiangsu plant has ensured compliance to this requirement and it officially appears on the EU food fishery approved list, under number 3200/02108.

In addition, the plant is EU cGMP-approved to supply pharmaceutical quality glucosamine to the European marketplace—offering further reassurances for purchasers of supplement and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) grade material.

“It’s clear that regulations governing quality control were necessary to ensure ethical standards and practices within the raw material supply chain,” said TSI Group’s CEO Joe Zhou. “Our ability to maintain our global leadership position as a supplier, by seeking this important approval, enables us to deliver the highest quality shellfish- and also vegetal-derived glucosamine to key EU growth markets.”

For further information, please contact TSI at [email protected] for EU inquiries or at [email protected] for US inquiries.


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