US dairy ingredients meet flavor, functionality, nutrition needs

US dairy ingredients meet flavor, functionality, nutrition needs

USDEC provides new concepts, research and insights to help formulators develop products for breakfast, snacking and meals.  

Highlighting exciting and novel ways to include dairy proteins and ingredients throughout the entire day is the focus this year for the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) in booth #1565 at the 2013 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo, July 13 to 16 at McCormick Place South, Chicago. USDEC will provide new concepts, research and insights to help formulators develop exciting products for breakfast, snacking and mealtime to best meet consumer trends including weight management, healthy aging, sodium reduction and simple ingredient labels.

Through dairy producer checkoff-funded activities and affiliated organizations, USDEC connects the global food and beverage industry with valuable resources from the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, Dairy Research Institute, Dairy Management Inc. and National Dairy Council. Staff and researchers will be on site with the latest dairy nutrition, product and application research.

While showcasing different ways of building a higher protein diet and spacing protein intake for consumer benefits, prototypes developed for this year’s show include the use of versatile U.S. dairy ingredients. From morning until night, look to U.S. dairy for solutions:


  • Café Yogurt Frappé– Wake up and power up at the same time. Made with yogurt and whey protein concentrate, this chilled coffee drink combined high quality protein, calcium, riboflavin and phosphorus with all the caffeine from a cup of coffee. So fill that morning void with a naturally sweetened excellent source of protein (20 percent daily value) that delivers a smooth texture and satisfying nutrition in one convenient cup.
  • Savory, Soft Protein Pretzel –Better snacking delivered. This delicious snack provides a good source of protein (18 percent daily value) for an authentic soft pretzel flavor experience with the sodium-lowering benefits of dairy product solids. Made with whey protein concentrate 80, milk permeate and unsalted butter, this dairy-based formulation reduced sodium by 73 percent when compared with a traditional pretzel. It’s a perfect snacking item to satisfy a salty craving while helping to keep sodium in check.
  • Veggie Moo Dumpling with Reduced Sodium Sauce –Prepare for a global taste adventure with a surprising nutritional bonus. Whether adding variety as an appetizer or versatility to a meal, these vegetable stuffed dumplings deliver an excellent source of protein. Combining high-quality dairy protein with flour for the dough delivers 22 percent daily value of protein. Add a great tasting sauce that uses whey permeate to boast a 37 percent sodium reduction, and this Asian sensation is sure to please.
  • Mock Mint Protini –Raise a glass to this protein infused, nonalcoholic minty martini cocktail mix. Whether shaken or stirred, this beverage contains whey protein isolate, offering 20 percent daily value of protein, for a satisfying happy hour. This beverage fusion delivers exceptional taste and, using whey protein isolate, improved nutrition in a unique and natural formulation.


Stop by the booth (#1565) for daily samples of the Café Yogurt Frappé and Savory Soft Protein Pretzel.

Highlighting dairy-related presentations at IFT
Be sure to mark your calendar for a number of dairy-relevant educational sessions:

Monday, July 15
1:30 p.m.: Expanding Bioactive and Functional Food Ingredients Derived from Milk Fractionation by the Dairy Industry

Tuesday, July 16
8:30 a.m.: New Tools to Understand Impact of Processing on Milk Powders: Quality and Functionality Symposium
1:15 p.m.: Agricultural and Food Efficiencies in Sustainable Nutrition and Health


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