Weight-loss pills take a hit

Weight-loss supplements are not merely getting hit up by regulatory bodies for alleged safety infractions (Hydroxycut), but fully 46 per cent of all industry executives at the NBJ Summit last year believed that "more than 70 per cent" of weight-loss supplement products contain illegitimate claims. In second place, at 25 per cent of respondents, was the belief that "between 50 and 70 per cent" of products were beyond the pale. Perhaps it's been easy enough to float fluffy claims when the feds were predisposed to look the other way, but in the early days of the Obama administration, it certainly appears as if the sheriff is back from being gone fishing. The industry will continue to flout integrity at its peril.

On May 1, 2009, the FDA issued a warning to consumers to stop using Hydroxycut weight-loss products. Although it is not yet known which specific ingredient in the multi-ingredient formula was responsible for the alleged liver problems. The actives in an example product in the Hydroxycut line include Garcinia cambogia, Chromium polynicotinate, Gymnema sylvestre, caffeine, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, ginger, raspberry and quercetin.

Sabinsa, supplier of Citrin and GarCitrin brands of Garcinia cambogia but which are not used in Hydroxycut products, issued a position paper on the safety of its hydroxycitric acid as found in its branded-ingredient products, specifically Citrin and GarCitrin.

The US weight-loss supplements market is valued at $1.7 billion, according to Nutrition Business Journal. The market has not found its footing since ephedra was pulled from the market in 2004, with no clear ingredients emerging to lead the next generation of weight-loss ingredients.

"Decreasing nutrient absorption, inhibition of appetite, and increasing thermogenesis are all currently being considered as possible pharmacological methods of treatment for obesity," says Scott Hagerman, president, Chemi Nutra and Chemi Pharma, which offers the category PhosphoLean, a phospholipids/green tea combination. "More specifically, through discovery of special nutrients and newly discovered metabolic pathways, management of appetite suppression is opening new science doors to both the understanding and treatment of overweightness and obesity.

Americans tend to look at weight management as a problem best solved by diet pills. But, of course, food is the real key. Satiety product launches have increased by nearly 50 per cent from 2007-08, according to a report by Business Insights.

Weight management, diabetes and heart disease are the top three conditions for which US adult consumers say they would be willing to use dietary supplements, according to NMI's 2007 Health and Wellness Trends Database study.


"We know that a higher-protein diet can be an excellent way to feel fuller longer and may help reduce the desire to reach for unhealthy snacks between meals," says Matt Pikosky, registered dietitian and director of research transfer at the National Dairy Council. "Whey protein added to foods and beverages can help increase daily protein intake to achieve a higher protein diet, which can help promote a feeling of fullness."

A May 2009 study even found almonds may boost satiety by increasing absorption of unsaturated fat.

Food-grade ingredients such as CarboStar from Saatwic Foods is part of the better-for-you food-ingredient movement. CarboStar is composed of naturally derived ingredients such as carrageenan and pectin, which is added to a flour formulation at a concentration of between one and three per cent, depending on product application. In soup noodles, it reduces calories by 25 per cent; in a brownie mix, calories from carbs are cut by 35 per cent.

"If the nutritional value of foods that people enjoy could be increased without affecting taste and enjoyment, those products presumably could gain widespread acceptance in the marketplace," said Ajay Chawan, president of Saatwic Foods. "Thanks to numerous in-depth studies and pilot consumer trials over the past four years, we are finally gaining acceptance of our CarboStar Method from consumer packaged-goods firms. The primary hurdles we had to leap to reach this point were proving that our technology really worked and consumers would embrace it."

And finally, we should probably note that the addition of vitamin D to a reduced-calorie diet will lead to better weight loss.

Functional ingredients


Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

Hydroxycitric acid

Amino acids


Phaseolus vulgaris

Bitter orange

Fish oils






Garcinia cambogia




7-keto DHEA


Green tea

Slow carbs


Gymnema sylvestre

Vitamin D

Coleus forskolii

High-intensity sweeteners: Stevia, reb-A, sucralose, ace-K, thaumatin



Advantage Partner

LeanGard® is a proprietary blend of natural extracts that supports healthy body composition and weight management. The constituents are ForsLean® (patented* natural extract from the roots of Coleus forskohlii, GarCitrin® (natural extract from Garcinia cambogia fruit containing hydroxycitric acid and garcinol, and BioPerine® (natural extract from black pepper fruit).
[email protected]
+1 801 465 8400
Payson, UT, USAA


Other Suppliers

AHD International
Condensed, dietary-fibre formula that promotes healthy weight loss. Interacts with liquid in the stomach to swell to nearly 200 times its original size to promote a feeling of satiety. Acts as a magnet, attracting and binding excess oils and calories.
[email protected]
+1 404 233 4022
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Bio Serae Laboratories
Brown-seaweed extract. Full-spectrum weight-management support. Helps to reduce caloric intake by inhibiting digestive enzymes (lipase and amylase). Also provides a natural source of marine polyphenols and minerals.
[email protected]
+33 4 68 76 76 20
Bram, France

Cargill Health & Nutrition
Zerose erythritol
Natural, zero-calorie bulk sweetener. Suitable for weight management, sugar avoidance and dental health. Works well with new natural intense sweeteners, as well as artificial intense sweeteners, to round out the sweetness profile.
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Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Chemi Nutra
PhosphoLean NOPE + EGCG
New, exciting, patented natural compound that works via gut-to-brain cell signaling. Clinically proven to help dieters stay on their diets and lose weight. Also increases satiety, decreases depressive symptoms, decreases binge-eating severity, and provides favourable changes in insulin resistance and blood lipids.
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White Bear Lake, Minnesota, USA

Tonalin CLA
Naturally sourced, nonstimulant ingredient, clinically proven to safely reduce body fat and optimize body composition. The most clinically studied CLA with more than 17 published clinical studies and excellent safety record in both dietary supplements and functional foods.
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Monheim, Germany

DSM Nutritional Products
Patented lipid emulsion for satiety. Reduces the sensation of hunger, curbing appetite and helping people to reduce calorie intake. Backed by extensive clinical studies. Natural, with no side effects. Available in liquid and dry emulsion form, and can be used in foods, beverages and dietary supplements.
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Basel, Switzerland

GAT Food Essentials
Clarinol CLA & PinnoThin PNO
Micro-encapsulated nutritional oils. Clarinol concentrated CLA has been shown to improve body composition by reducing body fat and increasing lean-muscle mass in the specific areas of the body where fat loss is most desired. PinnoThin, derived from pine nuts, has been shown to suppress the desire to eat by promoting a feeling of satiety and helping to reduce the excessive consumption of calories.
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Ebenfurth, Austria

Instant Gel Schoko
Allows the development of up to 30 per cent fat-reduced chocolate.
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Eberbach, Germany

GLG Life Tech
Rebiana RA 97 Stevia Extract
Zero-calorie, 100 per cent natural, high-intensity sweetener extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant. Zero glycaemic index and stable under heat. Perfect new sweetener for any food or beverage application.
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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Gum Technology
CKX-Fat Replacer
Mimics fat without the calories and creates a creamy mouthfeel in low/nonfat products. Specific blend of cellulose gel, konjac and xanthan gum. Cold setting, excellent for freeze-thaw stability and moisture control.
Contains soluble and insoluble fibre.
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Tucson, Arizona, USA

Chromium nicotinate
Bulk manufacturer. Suitable for food supplements, diabetic medicines and products, and weight-reduction products.
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Mumbai, India

InterHealth Nutraceuticals
Super CitriMax
Patented, all-natural, nonstimulant fruit extract used as an ingredient in dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages. Contains standardized levels of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), clinically shown to promote satiety, reduce body weight, burn fat and inhibit fat production.
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Benicia, California, USA

Martin Bauer
Green-tea extracts
Increases the rate of metabolism, reducing appetite and purifying the body system. Customized formulations to maintain a natural balance.
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Secaucus, New Jersey, USA

Green coffee-bean extract with a unique mechanism of action to help consumers better manage their weight. Inhibits glucose-6-phosphatase and increases fat release from the adipose tissue. Scientifically tested and clinically proven.
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+1 201 440 5000
Avignon, France

Nutra Bridge
Nonstimulant, thermogenic fat burner that effectively allows the body to burn fat more efficiently. Multiple clinical studies have shown three times greater weight loss than placebo. Increases metabolism by 5.4 per cent compared to placebo.
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Shoreview, Minnesota, USA

Nutraceuticals International
Banaba 1%
Maqui Berry
Japanese 5% and 10% FucoPure
Bulk supplies of the highest-quality concentrated botanical extracts, amino acids and speciality ingredients.
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Elmwood Park, New Jersey, USA

Nutraland Limited
Sucralose and Rebaudioside-A
Complies with FCC, NF, JECFA, EC and Codex standards. Kosher and halal certified. Made at an ISO9001:2000 and HACCP certified facility. 95%+ Rebaudioside-A.
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Shanghai, China

Nutrition 21
Chromax chromium picolinate
Most efficacious and safest form of chromium. Proven effective for weight loss, satiety, cravings and mood. Long established as the leader in glucose metabolism.
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+1 914 701 4500
Purchase, New York, USA

OmniActive Health Technologies
Proprietary encapsulated form of premium, highly concentrated natural capsicum fruit extract. Formulated to meet diverse manufacturing requirements. Utilizes patented encapsulation technology to deliver functionally effective levels of active capsaicinoids while minimizing the oral and gastric irritation often experienced with unprotected red-pepper product applications.
[email protected]
+1 866 588 3629
Short Hills, New Jersey, USA

Pharmachem Laboratories
Phase 2 Carb Controller
StarchLite reduces the calories in starchy foods such as potatoes, rice and pasta. Clinically studied and GRAS. Also reduces serum glucose and the glycaemic index usually associated with eating dietary starches.
[email protected]
+1 800 526 0609
Kearny, New Jersey, USA

Premium Ingredients International
Reb A
Stevia rebaudiana. Native of Paraguay and member of the composite family. Sweet herb 300-400 times sweeter than cane sugar. Leaves contain 15-20 per cent stevioside, a natural, nontoxic and zero-calorie substance. Fast becoming a major source for high potency bio-sweeteners, replacing synthetic sweeteners and table sugar.
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Carol Stream, Illinois, USA

Scientific Food Solutions LLC
Comforteze is a dietary supplemtn made with all natural earth minerals to relieve acid related discomfort. Fast acting relief in a chewable or tablet form.
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Solbar Industries
Solpro isolated soy protein
Designed for extruded crisps, dry-blend beverages and ready-to-drink beverages. Characterized by high protein and important functional properties for a large variety of food applications. Available in low- or high-viscosity and pH, with a bland flavour profile.
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