1999-2001 Sports Nutrition Supplements Supply Chain: 1999-2001 - Chart 100


Chart 100 quantifies Sports Nutrition Supplement sales at 6 different levels of the supply chain for the years 1999 through 2001.

The sports nutrition supplement product categories are sports powders/formulas, sports pills and sports drinks (not including gatorade and other isotonic beverages). The sports powders/formulas product category is broken down further into dairy, soy and specialty ingredients powders (creatine, etc.).

For each of the aforementioned product categories and sub-categories, sales are presented at six levels of the supply chain including: Total Consumer Sales, Retail Sales, Direct to Consumer Sales, Manufacturer Wholesale Sales, Private Label Supplier Sales and Raw Ingredient Supplier Sales.

Chart 100 is an essential breakdown of the sports nutrition supplement supply chain valuable for anyone interested in understanding the flow of sports supplements products and ingredients from the raw ingredient supplier to the end-consumer.


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