Energy Drinks Take a Hit in the Press

The press has been buzzing with stories about energy drinks this month, but the news has been far from positive—especially for the makers of Red Bull, which an Australian study found increases the risk of heart attack and stroke in people young and old


Another story published by WNBC.com in New York questioned the safety of Red Bull’s taurine content.

Sales of Red Bull and other popular energy drinks could be running out of fizz in general. According to Beverage Digest, energy drink sales grew a mere 7% in June, down significantly from the 30% growth the caffeine-packed beverages achieved last year.

The economy, of course, is being blamed for at least some of the downturn in sales. “[The energy drink market is] still the healthiest beverage sector, but its prime Sun Belt market overlaps closely to areas where the housing bust has been the most severe, so there is definitely concern,” Beverage Business Insights Editor Gerry Khermouch told Brandweek.com earlier this month. Khermouch added that rising gas prices are also causing consumers to think twice about plunking down extra money for a $2 or $3 energy drink at gas stations and convenience stores. “After filling up a lot of consumers don’t have the heart to even enter the store,” he said.

To find out more about the current state of the energy drink market, check out Brandweek.com’s story and then read NPICenter’s Andrew Stewart’s analysis.

Nutrition Business Journal will provide an in-depth look at the energy drink and food market in our upcoming Sports Nutrition & Weight Loss issue, which publishes in September. To order your copy of the issue or to subscribe to NBJ, go to www.nutritionbusinessjournal.com.

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