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Natural Products Expo

J.E.D.I. 3.0 Session 3: Removing barriers to economic prosperity for all

Alamy J.E.D.I. 3.0 Session 3 - Removing Barriers to Economic Prosperity For All
In this session, equity advocate MaryAnne Howland shares the cultural and personal effects of living in a society that doesn't value equity or equality.

MaryAnne Howland is dedicated to making the world a more just, equitable and inclusive planet on which to live.

For New Hope Network's Natural Products Business School, Howland hosted a session, Diversity of America Defines the Food Industry, a preview of which is available here. In addition, she created a series of eight J.E.D.I. 3.0 workshops that are free to watch for anyone who registers on the platform. Watch this preview of the third session, Equity: Removing Barriers to Economic Prosperity For All


A leader in inclusive marketing and branding communications aimed at creating equitable social impact, Howland works with CPG brands in the natural products industry to create culturally inclusive missions, which in turn help improve food systems and promote a regenerative economy. A free preview of the first two workshops—Brand bolding: Intentionality and the language of leadership and Full inclusion: Zero waste of talent—already are released. 

The other sessions, listed below, will be rolled out on over the next several weeks:

  • Defining equity from scratch: What are you willing to gain?
  • Success in rare air: Opportunity from fresh perspective.
  • Building equity in a reputation for “?”: The power of influence and partnerships, who should you know?
  • Influencing public policy: Who are you willing to fight for?
  • Accountability: It’s not just public, it’s personal.
  • The new you.

As the president and CEO of Ibis Communications and the founder and CEO of Global Diversity Leadership Exchange,  Howland frequently speaks on J.E.D.I. issues—justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. At Natural Products Expo West in March, Howland led a panel discussion, Keep J.E.D.I. in mind when building supply networks. Read a summary here.

Howland's Natural Products Business School session is available to NPEV All-Access members. (See below.)

natural products expo virtual logoTo learn more about this program and others, as well as a broad variety of brands, head over to NPEV. Not yet registered? Register for free here. For more information about becoming an All-Access Member of Natural Products Expo Virtual Community and to obtain access to premium on demand and live content, industry benefits, buyer meetings and more throughout 2022, please click here


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