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2017 Direct to Consumer Report Data Chart Package

With our Chart Packages, you’ll receive the raw data that creates the backbone for NBJ’s annual reports. Updated regularly and projecting out to 2021, this data is easily... See Details

NBJ Reports

2017 NBJ Digital Disruption Guide

The line between online sales and brick and mortar may be fuzzy in some instances and a yawning gap in others. For supplements, the gap carries opportunities that both sides of... See Details

NBJ Issues

May 2017 : Practitioner Issue

Multiple factors and forces suggest the practitioner channel is drawing closer to a number of next big things, any or all of which could drive the supplement distributors and... See Details

NBJ Issues

February 2017 : Direct to Consumer

If ever there was a time for direct selling to work, it’s now. In 2017, with Uber drivers outnumbering cabbies in New York City and the number of Airbnb rooms dwarfing the... See Details

Data Charts

Chart 223: Top 25 U.S. Supplement Companies in Internet Channel

This data chart lists the top 10 U.S. supplement companies in the internet channel in 2013.Data fields for the top 10 internet companies include estimated worldwide direct sales... See Details

Data Charts

Chart 129: Retail vs. Direct Channels Analysis: U.S. Total Nutrition Industry and Supplement Sales

This data chart analyzes total U.S. nutrition industry sales and supplement sales through Retail and Direct channels for 1997-2014, with forecasts for 2015e-2020e. The retail... See Details

NBJ Issues

October 2015: Direct to Consumer

Is the nutrition industry ignoring a new paradigm in the sharing economy? See Details

Data Charts

Chart 98: Top U.S. Supplement Companies in Multilevel Marketing Channel

This data chart lists the top 15 U.S. supplement companies in multilevel marketing (MLM) channel in 2013.Data fields for the top 15 MLM companies include estimated worldwide... See Details

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