NBJ Issues

December 2017 : The Innovation Issue

To some, synthetic biology is the impending apocalypse—ingredients so bio-identical they are undetectable could flood the market and mislead consumers. To others, it’s... See Details

NBJ Reports

2017 Company Profiles

Keeping up with the Joneses? Staying ahead or falling behind? Without accurate information about your competitors, it may be hard to tell. NBJ’s long-standing relationships and... See Details

Data Charts

2017 Supplement Business Report Data Chart Package

With our Chart Packages, you’ll receive the raw data that creates the backbone for NBJ’s annual reports. Updated regularly and projecting out to 2021, this data is easily... See Details

NBJ Issues

November 2017 : Confidence Issue

When we talk about confidence in the supply chain for the supplements industry, we are talking about something that is sorely needed and widely misplaced. For supplements... See Details

NBJ Issues

September 2017: Millennial Issue

The millennial generation is certainly more than the sum of its keystrokes (or its stereotypes). They are defined by the digital, but engage in earnest with the real world every... See Details

NBJ Reports

2017 NBJ Supplement Business Report

For companies in the nutrition industry, the ‘new normal’ includes the $41.1 billion in sales on 6 percent growth Nutrition Business Journal estimates for 2016. This is a notch... See Details

NBJ Issues

June 2017 : Supplement Market Overview

In a presentation by Dr. Low Dog at NBJ Summit, she showed Centers for Disease Control data revealing the startling micronutrient deficiencies for many Americans. Iron, vitamin... See Details

NBJ Issues

April 2017 : The Awards Issue

A time has come for business, and perhaps the natural products industry in particular, to step up. With governments marching into political paralysis, trapped in a cycle of... See Details

NBJ Issues

March 2017 : Dark Issue 2

In the second annual installment in Nutrition Business Journal’s exploration of the supplement industry’s dark side, the less responsible elements get held up to the light... See Details

NBJ Issues

December 2016: Retail

Rural vs urban, challenges and opportunities, convenience or personal touch? These are just a few of the topics broached in NBJ's 2016 December issue focusing on the retail... See Details

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