NBJ Issues

November 2016: Personalized Nutrition

Personalized nutrition holds a promise for the health of the people like nothing the supplement industry has ever conceived. Optimized health with optimized precision. The best... See Details

NBJ Issues

September 2016: Innovation

Innovation plays a key role in an industry constantly looking for the next way to bring more health to more people. Innovation as it relates to communicating with consumers... See Details

NBJ Reports

NDI Readiness Package

The supplement industry saw modest but steady growth last year despite rampant negative press. With the NDI Guidances issued a few months ago, the market is poised for... See Details

NBJ Reports

2016 NBJ Essential Oils Special Report

Essential oils are not new to natural, but recent activity in multi-level marketing has propelled the category to new audiences and skyrocketed sales. In fact, essential oil... See Details

NBJ Subscriptions

Corporate Digital Subscription- 5 users

By purchasing this product, you authorize us to renew your membership subscription automatically on your anniversary date by charging to the payment method provided without... See Details

NBJ Issues

May/June 2016: A tale of trust

Trust is a block, even a cornerstone, in the foundation of any industry. In supplements, it is the foundation... See Details

NBJ Issues

April 2016: A Supplement Overview

It might be nice to say a fresh breeze has supplement makers trimming their sales for a steadier course across the all too choppy waters of public perception and media... See Details

Data Charts

Chart 236: Top U.S. Antioxidant Sales

This chart provides sales data for U.S. antioxidant supplement sales for 1997-2014. This category includes sales figures for products such as vitamin C, vitamin E, coQ10... See Details

Data Charts

Chart 140: Top 20 U.S. Meal Replacement Supplement Manufacturers

This chart presents a list of top meal supplement companies in the U.S. in 2013.This list of 20 meal replacement supplement companies includes company names and 2007-2013... See Details

Data Charts

Chart 139: Top 50 Supplement Manufacturers, Marketers

NBJ's list of the top 50 dietary supplement (vitamins, herbs & botanicals, minerals, sports nutrition, specialty, and meal supplement) manufacturers and marketers and their... See Details

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