NBJ Reports

2019 Raw Material Report

Raw materials are the foundation of your business. Everything you make relies on the materials you use, and on your understanding of this crucial sector. In 2019, supplement raw... See Details

NBJ Reports

2018 Raw Materials Report

In 2017, raw material sales grew 6.8 percent and hit $5.1 billion, while consumer sales of finished supplement products climbed 6.1 percent, reaching $43.5 billion. Beneath... See Details

NBJ Reports

2017 NBJ Raw Materials Report

NBJ estimates that the raw material market grew at 6.6 percent, edging out consumer supplements at 6.2 percent, and we expect the numbers will end the decade in a remarkably... See Details

NBJ Issues

October 2016: Supply Chain

In our modern age where the vast majority of the population has the answer to ‘what does X do?’ in their hand-held Google-accessing machine (read: iphone), people are no longer... See Details

Data Charts

Chart 245: Nutrition Industry Supply Chain Supplement Sales

This chart presents the nutrition industry supplement raw material, wholesale, and consumer sales and growth for years 1997-2013, plus forecasts for 2014-2020. For each year... See Details

Data Charts

Chart 246: Top U.S. Nutrition Industry Supply Companies

This chart ranks the top U.S. nutrition industry supply companies by sales range of raw materials in 2013.The data includes the names of the top 50 companies, and a U.S. raw... See Details

Data Charts

Chart 007: Nutrition Industry and Supplement Value Chain

This chart presents the nutrition industry value chain for years 1997-2010.The data includes Raw Material (Raw Ingredients) Revenues, Wholesale Manufacturing Revenues, Direct... See Details

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