Natural Remedies Launches Water Soluble Botanical Extract Range

Natural Remedies has launched a water soluble botanical extract range which is completely water soluble, excipient-free standardized extracts having good appearance and taste characteristics. This range offers dietary supplement, food & beverage manufacturers an ingredient with tremendous formulation versatility that makes it an excellent choice for applications such as dry drink mixes, ready-to-drink products, nutritional bars and other beverages.

The current Water soluble botanical extract range includes ashwagandha, Indian goose berry (amla), Indian asparagus, cinnamon, bacopa, green tea, holy basil and licorice. They are all supplied as standardized powder extracts.


Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd., founded in 1951, is a manufacturer and supplier of standardized herbal extracts and several patented dietary ingredients which have adequate scientific back up for use as nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmeceuticals and food ingredients. These ingredients are claimed to be genuine, effective, safe and consistent, in line with the company’s quality policy. Natural Remedies manufactures its products in its state of the art facilities and enjoys extensive international distribution. For more information please visit

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