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Engredea Monograph: China Edition

Engredea Monograph: China Edition
This Monograph is a must read for manufacturers and product developers looking to break into the Chinese market and provide innovative finished products that consumers will clamor for. Even suppliers trying to stay competitive will find great advice for staying ahead of market trends.

Want to get in on the Chinese phenomenon? Check out the Engredea Monograph: China Edition – an overview of the Chinese nutrition market with segment analyses, trends and regulatory considerations. This comprehensive report can give you the information you need to decide which sales channels best match your products and what sales approaches resonate with Chinese consumers.

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In this report:

I. Market History
A. Culture rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine
B. Health outbreaks raise awareness for health foods
C. Imports have contributed to market growth

II. Regulations
A. Regulatory climate
B. Understanding the regulatory agencies
C. Regulatory approvals

III. Market Statistics
A. Market poised for continued growth
B. Market value and breakdown
C. Few major players
D. China to become world’s largest nutrition market

IV. Intellectual Property Protection
A. A changing tide
B. Protection through prevention
C. Seeking legal assistance

V. Product/Ingredient Trends
A. Popular health claims in China
B. Best selling health food product categories

VI. Unique Sales Channels
A. Sales channel development
B. Channel opportunities for imported products

VII. Distribution/Supply Chain Challenges and Opportunities
A. Finding a local partner
B. Establishing a local presence
C. Infrastructure still under development

VIII. Consumer Trends
A. Major trends in market
B. Supplement use in China
C. Preference for imports
D. Price sensitivity

IX. Case Studies
A. Amway

X. Future Opportunities
A. China impossible to ignore
B. Regulatory reform
C. “Win-win” partnerships

XI. Import/Export Pipeline

XII. Cultural Considerations

XIII. Major Events and organizations


Click below to go to our partner Nutrition Business Journal's online store to complete your purchase.


Engredea Monograph


The Engredea Monograph (EM) is a comprehensive monthly report filled with exclusive content including insightful market data, science, business intelligence and in-depth coverage on a new ingredient (or ingredient category), central to driving R&D and innovation. Whether you're looking to make strategic business decisions or deciding the best form and format for your product launch, the EM provides you with the navigation you need to get there.


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