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5 ways to supplement your teen's diet

Today’s busy teens are on the go—often into the dinner hour—and tend to rely on high-fat, high-sodium fast foods, sugary sodas and energy drinks, and snack foods, says Marci Clow, MS, RD, senior director of product research for Santa Cruz, Calif.-based Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems.

“Based on intake statistics, it’s clear that it’s often difficult for teens to obtain the necessary nutrients to support this intense growth period through diet alone,” she says. “A multivitamin is always a great way to fill in the gaps, and depending on diet and lifestyle, teens may consider adding calcium, iron, healthy fats and protein.”

Partly to ensure compliance from teens otherwise not motivated by proper nutrition, some multi formulations include skin health ingredients that may alleviate acne, that common bane of teen years. Another key to success with adolescents: Keep the regimen simple.

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