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6 terms to know: minerals

6 terms to know: minerals


Build strong bones and reduce the risk for osteoporosis with this well-known mineral. In cahoots with calcium are vitamin D, magnesium, inulin and phosphorus. No single food contains all of them, making supplements the answer to bone-health problems.


Got diabesity? Chromium can help with insulin resistance and obesity. It may also help shed body fat while sparing muscle.


Both too much and too little iron can cause fatigue—and too much, for men and post-menopausal women, can contribute to a heart attack, which is why men’s multivitamins don’t include this mineral.


Magnesium reduces calcium absorption but improves bone health, which is why bone-health supplements routinely include both. It’s also vital for energy production and for regulating blood sugar levels. Dark green vegetables, seeds, beans, nuts, soy and whole grains have magnesium.


An essential part of a variety of enzymes, some of which have antioxidant functions, high-selenium yeast reduces the risk of prostate, colon and lung cancer. A half-cup of Brazil nuts is a tasty way to get your daily 70 mcg.

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