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Natural Foods Merchandiser

8 new supplements aimed right at millennials

Time was, dietary supplements would appeal to consumers on the shelf by science. That is, by the sheer number of vitamins, minerals and specialty ingredients listed on the label (preferably with Daily Value percentages in excess of 100 percent, because more is better, right?)

And then the millennial generation came along. Born between 1980 and 2000, the all-important 25-34 year old demographic is always vital to marketers because this age group buys for itself and can cement brand loyalty for a lifetime.

Bonus: Only within the last year or so have market researchers measured a shift in millennial attitudes — namely, that the younger set, still full of the immortality of youth, is finally interested in health and wellness.

And some hipper-than-thou supplement companies have taken notice. Check out their front-of-pack labeling. This isn’t your mother’s multi.

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