Ajinomoto Launches Omega 3-type Fatty Acid Supplying “DHA & EPA” Supplement Exclusively Via Mail Order

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. will launch Ajinomoto KK Kenko Kiban Shokuhin (Fundamental Foods) “DHA & EPA” supplement exclusively via nationwide mail order on 2 October 2008. The product’s main ingredients are Omega 3-type fatty acids such as DHA and EPA. The product allows the easy supplementation of blueback nutrients that people tend to lack. Four capsules of the product contain 500 mg of three types of Omega 3-type fatty acids: blueback-derived DHA and EPA, as well as flaxseed-derived linoletic acid alpha. The product is aimed at consumers over 40 and their families, and is priced at JPY 1,995 for 120 capsules.

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