Azantis and Aker BioMarine on krill futures


Todd Norton, VP of business development at Aker BioMarine, and Mickey Schuett, then director of sales at Azantis, talk with Functional Ingredients Editor-in-Chief Todd Runestad about krill's position in the market. 

Different than omega-3s from algal sources or fish oil, krill is a phospholipid rather than a triglyceride. Emerging science suggests that the omega-3s bound to phospholipids have better bioefficiency and are utilized better by the body than those bound to triglycerides. This as well as krill's ability to deliver more DHA and EPA in a smaller capsule positions it well to compete in the crowded omega-3 space. Schuett says he believes there is room for krill as well as fish oil and algal-sourced omega-3s in the industry.

What differentiates these two krill suppliers and what opportunities do they see in the market? Watch the interview to learn more.

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