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Beware regulatory challenges with the 'anti-inflammatory' claim

Beware regulatory challenges with the 'anti-inflammatory' claim
Focusing on supporting the body’s natural process of inflammatory balance is both a legal and effective approach to educating consumers about the importance of joint flexibility.

It goes without saying that marketers need to be careful about making “joint inflammation” claims, whether direct or implied, which would be viewed by the FDA as illegal arthritis disease claims. Instead, focusing on supporting the body’s natural process of inflammatory balance is both a legal and effective approach to educating consumers about the importance of joint flexibility.

Educating consumers about our normal process of tissue “turnover” helps them to understand how this natural process dismantles and recycles older cartilage and other connective tissues that have become damaged or worn out or simply need repairing.

This turnover process is a continual breakdown/buildup cycle—where older tissue is replaced with newer tissue. When we’re young (before the age of 30 or so) this turnover process is perfectly balanced—for every bit of cartilage that is damaged and removed—another similar (or slightly greater) bit is put in its place. This means that, under normal circumstances, we’re always making our connective tissue (cartilage, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, etc.) stronger and more resilient.

After about age 30, however, our turnover process becomes a bit less efficient year after year. This causes a very slight loss of healthy tissue—where we break down and remove a certain amount, but the amount of healthy tissue added back is just a little bit less than it should be. As we age, the turnover process becomes less and less efficient and our body’s ability to heal itself from injury is reduced. This normal imbalance in tissue turnover and inflammatory balance is the primary cause of the loss of flexibility that we all tend to encounter as we age.

Bone and joint health ingredient suppliers

Vitamin K2 MK-4 s the truly natural form of vitamin K2. MK-4 benefits bonme strength and protects against cardiovascular calcification. Supplied in a stable beadlet form.

Aker BioMarine
Supplies Supera Krill Oil, sourced from Antarctic krill. The only krill supplier that is primary in its supply.

Bulk manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade omega-3 ingredients, offering up to 85 percent DHA and 95 percent EPA in capsule, powder and emulsion form.

Bergstrom Nutrition
This family-owned nutrition ingredient company is dedicated to supplying methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).

BioCell Technology, LLC
The exclusive supplier of BioCell Collagen II—a patented dietary ingredient containing highly bioavailable hydrolyzed collagen, low molecular weight (MW) hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate.

Bioiberica, S.A.
Specializes in research, manufacture and marketing of biomolecules for the pharmaceutical and nutrition industries, especially chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and glucosamine.

Bio Serae Laboratories SAS
Specializing in the manufacture and the supply of original, active ingredients for the nutraceuticals and industries. Creator of Osteol, a natural ingredient that optimizes the activity of standard D-glucosamine and chondroitin in joint formulas.

Regenasure glucosamine is the only vegetariean, generally recognized as safe (GRAS) glucosamin produced in the US. It is shellfish free and certified kosher.

Croda Inc.
Supplier of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical ingredients excipients, solubilisers, plant and marine lipid concentrates, proteins and biopolymers.

Provides gelatin, collagen peptides and collagen used in the production of functional foods and nutritional products that enhance bone and joint health, calorie management and protein enrichment.<

Helios Corp.
Develop and market new ingredients for the functional foods and nutrition community, utilizing Phase I and Phase II human clinical studies.

Horphag Research (USA) Inc.
Supplies Pycnogenol®, a branded ingredient extracted from the bark of French maritime pine trees. Backed by studies showing benefits for a wide array of health conditions, including promoting joint mobility and flexibility.

Humanetics Corp.
A science-based company providing nutritional supplement-based solutions for weight- and glucose-management, joint health, and sports performance.

InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc.
UC-II is a natural, safe, patented ingredient consisting of undenatured type II collagen to support bone health.

Nutraceutix Inc.
Delivers probiotics in bulk powder, capsules and tablets using processes and delivery technology that extend shelf-life and protect probiotic organisms from stomach acid en route to the intestines.

P.L. Thomas
Supplies a wide variety of joint-health ingredients aimed at improving joint integrity, comfort, and mobility including 5-Loxin and Après Flex.

Proprietary Nutritionals Inc.
A division of Pharmachem Labs, PNI is a global marketer and distributer of nutraceutical ingredients such as Celadrin for joint health and Perluxan for pain management.

TSI Health Sciences Inc.
Suppliers of chondroitin and glucosamine that meet or exceed the highest quality and regulatory standards in the world.

Sabinsa Corp.
Manufactures ArthriBlend SR, a sustained-release herbal formula  to support healthy joints and connective tissues.  Also supplies Curcumin C3 Complex.

Soft Gel Technologies Inc.
Provides contract manufacturing of soft gel caps for dietary supplements.

Stratum Nutrition
Provides safe and reliable ingredients that support cardiovascular, structural, digestive and immune health.

Research and development in the natural products industry for functional foods, dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals.

Vitaco Health (NZ) Ltd.
One of Australasia’s largest health and wellness manufacturers producing health foods, supplements and nutritional products.

Xsto Solutions LLC
Markets Kappa Biosciences’s to market the K2VITAL vitamin K2 MK-7.

Shawn Talbott is holds a MS in Exercise Science, a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry, and is the author of 10 books, including The Secret of Vigor (Hunter House, 2011). He regularly punishes his own joints by running ultramarathons and Ironman triathlons.

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