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Brown Seaweed Extract ID-alG™ reduced obesity in test

Brown Seaweed Extract ID-alG™ reduced obesity in test

ID-alG™ is made from premium brown algae sourced in the pristine water off the coast of Brittany and provides a natural source of vital nutrients.

A preliminary in vitro study highlighted the properties of ID-alG™ to inhibit two of the main digestive enzymes, the lipase and the amylase, by more than 50%. More recently, an in vivo test was conducted to confirm the weight-management effect of ID-alG™ in rats subject to obesity induction. Results show that ID-alG™ helps to reduce by more than 22% the weight gain of rats fed with fat-enriched meals. This study also highlights that ID-alG™ enables to limit body fat gain usually favored by fat-enriched meals.

This preliminary data highlighted that thanks to ID-alG™, only part of ingested food is actually absorbed by the body, which helps to reduce the negative effect of a hypercaloric diet on body weight and body fat gain.

Bioserae unveils the latest clinical results about ID-alG™.

A monocentric, randomized, placebo controlled in parallel double-blind clinical study was conducted on 60 overweight women, with a daily dose of 400 mg of ID-alG™ over 2 months. This clinical study confirms the exceptional weight management properties of ID-alG™ with significant results observed on women with BMI (Body Mass Index) ≤ 30:

• Almost 3 kg weight loss:

The study shows a 2.8 kg average weight loss after two months of treatment compared to placebo (+0.9 kg), p=0.047.

• 100% weight-loss = fat loss

The clinical study shows about 3 kg fat mass reduction in the ID-alG™ group compared to +0.94 kg in the placebo group (p=0.038).

• Shaped buttocks & thighs

By decreasing fat and carb assimilation, ID-alG™ helps to control caloric intake and to reduce fat storage, thus improving the figures: up to 4 cm thighs reduction, and up to 5.8 cm buttocks reduction observed in the ID-alG™ group.

Furthermore, at the end of the study each volunteer filled in the satisfaction questionnaire and results were more than encouraging:

• 76% of consumers were convinced by the weight-management properties of ID-alG™.

More than 70% of women included in the ID-alG™ group declared that they would like to buy the product and continue to use it, whereas there were only 49% of such women in the placebo group.

• No side effects

Contrary to other weight-management products in which the mechanisms tend to be similar to that of ID-alG™ (inhibition of digestive enzyme), ID-alG™ is a safe ingredient and does not induce any side effects.

Moreover, transaminases analysis (ASAT and ALAT) were performed at the beginning and at the end of the study. The goal of this blood analysis was to give the proof that ID-alG™ is a safe product without adverse effects on the liver. The transaminases ALAT and ASAT were not modified by the product ID-alG™ either.

This clinical study confirms on women the weight management properties of ID-alG™. By decreasing fat and carb assimilation, ID-alG™ helps to control caloric intake, reducing thus body weight and fat storage, without any side effects.

What’s more...

ID-alG™ refunds a full spectrum of the original seaweeds’ nutritional properties, including many of essential micronutrients. ID-alG™ is naturally concentrated in minerals and trace elements particularly in iodine, which is renowned to play an essential role in energetic metabolism, thermogenesis and fat reduction.

ID-alG™ helps to naturally control body weight, while maintaining well-being and vitality.

ID-alG™ can be incorporated into dietary supplements or functional food and beverages, as a natural ingredient to support weight management and well-being.


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