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Can supplements be transparent when going non-GMO?

Can supplements be transparent when going non-GMO?
Supplements are notoriously difficult to certify as non-GMO. But educating consumers throughout the verification process builds trust and transparency.

Many natural food companies (and more recently, several in the conventional space) are dedicated to manufacturing completely non-GMO products. Though some companies, such as Dr. Bronner's and Stonyfield Organic have stalwartly opposed use of GMOs in their products from the get-go, other manufacturers new to naturals are invigorating their products by seeking non-GMO and USDA Organic ingredients.

Increased consumer awareness and education have fostered this growing devotion to transparency.

But with non-GMO at a near fever pitch, what about supplement companies and their supply chains? Supplements are notoriously difficult to verify as completely non-GMO. For starters, a long ingredient deck makes the process more time intensive. Plus, some ingredients are made through a fermentation processes that generally uses a corn-derived solvent.

But despite these challenges, supplement companies are taking the extra step to commit to non-GMO. A few of note: MegaFood, Nutrigold, NOW—and they're accelerating their education efforts. Consider NOW's infographic below, which outlines its non-GMO committment.

I like it not only because the infographic provides quick-and-easy to understand information about GMOs, but also because NOW acknowledges the challenges of verifying supplements. It highlights certain problem ingredients and even provides a chart documenting their journey to full non-GMO status.

The infographic is indicative of NOW's dedication to the movement. And that's progress.

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