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Carlson Laboratories debuts Elite EPA Gems

Carlson Laboratories debuts Elite EPA Gems
Highly concentrated fish oil boasts 1,000 mg of EPA per softgel to promote healthy immune and cardiovascular systems, as well as healthy hearts, joints and moods.

EPA and DHA are the two major beneficial omega-3 fatty acids found in marine oils. While DHA is most important during pregnancy and early child development, EPA is equally critical as we age and is an important part of a healthy adult diet. For this reason, Carlson Laboratories created Elite EPA Gems®, a highly concentrated fish oil boasting 1,000 mg of EPA per softgel. The high level of EPA in this product promotes healthy immune and cardiovascular systems, as well as healthy hearts, joints and moods with as little as one softgel daily.

The benefits of omega-3s from fish oil emerged in the 1970s. Researchers recognized the Inuits, who inhabited the Arctic regions of Greenland and ate a mostly fish diet, had ideal blood lipid levels and optimal cardiovascular health. Since this time, additional benefits of omega-3s have been discovered.  Unfortunately, today our diets often lack adequate omega-3s, so these benefits are typically not observed. For reference, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends two fish meals per week and says 0.5 to 1.8 grams of omega-3 per day can be beneficial.

“We created Elite EPA Gems as an alternative for those who are unable to receive the recommended levels of EPA in their daily diets,” says Carlson Laboratories President Carilyn Anderson. “We’re very excited about its introduction into the market.”

Elite EPA Gems can be found at a nearby health food store.


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