Carlson Laboratories Introduces Its Newest Norwegian Marine Oil Product, CalaOmega

Arlington Heights, IL ---December 2009--- : Carlson Laboratories is proud to introduce CalaOmega, its newest Norwegian marine oil. CalaOmega is naturally rich in DHA. Although both DHA and EPA provide cardiovascular benefits and other health benefits, DHA is almost exclusively the only omega-3 fatty acid that our brains and eyes use. For pregnant and breasfeeding women, adequate amounts of DHA are vitally important to their developing child.
Calamari oil is one of the few marine oils that are naturally high in DHA. Unlike most harvested marine life, the DHA levels in Calamari oil are over twice as high as the EPA levels making it a preferred source. CalaOmega provides 360 mg of DHA and 140 mg of EPA per soft gel. For consumers that want the general health benefits that omega-3’s provide, CalaOmega is the perfect product for them.

Carilyn Anderson, Sales and Marketing Executive of Carlson Laboratories, stated, “We are very excited to introduce our newest product, CalaOmega. This omega-3 source is very special because it is naturally high in DHA and also highly sustainable. Upon becoming aware of this new and unique source of omega-3’s, we seized the opportunity to deliver it to our customers.”

About Carlson Laboratories
Carlson Laboratories has been supplying quality vitamins and nutritional supplements for over 40 years. Our award-winning marine oil products are renowned for their purity and great taste. All Carlson fish oil products are regularly tested for freshness, potency, and purity by an independent, FDA-registered laboratory. Call us today for more information @ 1-888-234-5656, or visit your local natural health foods store.

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