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Charkit Agreement With CRM International Further Expands Personal Care Ingredient Offerings

Charles Hinnant, President, Charkit Chemical Corporation, announced that the company has entered into a distribution agreement with CRM International, a French producer of premium personal care and cosmetic ingredients including a line of certified organic products.

The association enhances Charkit’s ability to offer CRM’s quality natural and vegetable butters, silk olea oils, waxes and emulsifiers and many other natural ingredients for cosmetic, skin and hair care products as well as smoothening and moisturizing components for some therapeutic pharmaceutical applications.

Mr. Hinnant said, “We are enthusiastic about our new association with CRM. This prestigious company, located in the south of France, has built a steady reputation over the last fifteen years as a manufacturer of natural ingredients for a wide range of products.” Charkit’s President went on to explain that CRM is focused on natural ingredients that are essential for healthy and attractive skin. He reported that CRM has made considerable inroads into organic ingredients for personal care and cosmetic products, pointing out that “CRM is recognized by Ecocert, the organic certification organization which was founded in France in 1991.”

CRM is well known for its line of Plantec products that include a variety of moisturizing ingredients, many of which have been approved by Ecocert as bonafide organics and are manufactured by CRM through proprietary processing techniques.

It was explained that the performance attributes of CRM ingredients are numerous, making their applications virtually unlimited in the range of personal care categories. The quick penetration of Plantec vegetable butters was cited, including their exceptional moisturizing properties, making these butters ideal for lipsticks, day and night cream and cosmeceutical make-up products. Some ingredients, such as Plantec Blackcurrant Butter, provide heavy, rich texture as well as the sought-after anti-aging effect especially suited to night creams and products for very dry skin. Plantec Silk Olea Wax serves as an important component in sun care formulations that include both SPF emulsion systems and after sun products. Mr. Hinnant was quick to add that these are but a few of the many beneficial ingredients that CRM has developed.

“The range and diversity of CRM products offer a vast array of formulation opportunities,” stated Mr. Hinnant. He said that Charkit’s technical and sales team is knowledgeable about the extensive roster of CRM ingredients now available from Charkit. “We encourage inquiries about CRM’s distinctive ingredients and can provide personal care and cosmetic manufacturers with the assistance needed in the formulation and reformulation of products.”

For more information, please contact Shawn McManus in Sales and Marketing at 203-299-3227 or [email protected].

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Founded in 1982 by its President, Charles Hinnant, Charkit Chemical Corporation offers a wide range of products to the imaging, personal care, food, flavor and fragrance, water treatment, metal treatment and pharmaceutical industries as well as to producers of fine and specialty chemicals. In 2007, Charkit celebrated its 25th year of continued growth and today, in addition to high demand products, the Company and its affiliated manufacturing entities, Arran Chemical Company, Optima Chemical Group and Diversitec Corporation offer a wide range of custom sourcing, manufacturing, technical assistance and product development services.

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