Chia Seed is a New Superfood 'Sprouting' From Navitas Naturals

Novato, California - Healthy foods rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) is one of the hottest trends in the natural products marketplace. Now, Navitas Naturals ( is helping health-minded consumers re-discover the Chia Seed, a high-energy ancient superfood that was revered by the Aztecs as a staple of their diet long before modern food science demonstrated it’s impressive nutritional attributes (and before a creative marketer in the early 1980’s invented the Chia Pet®!). Chia Seed is a robust vegetarian source of omega-3 and protein that is easy to digest, and this nutrient-dense “superseed” also has an impressive content of vitamins, minerals and soluble fiber.

Sustainably harvested in the highlands of Chile, Navitas Naturals’ Chia Seed is offered in whole seed and sprouted whole seed powder varieties that are packaged in re-sealable 8oz and 16 oz pouches, as well as bulk quantities for sale to manufacturers. Chia Seed (salvia hispanica) has much in common with flaxseed, another highly regarded omega-3 source, except Chia has the distinct advantage of containing natural antioxidants that make it more stable. Navitas Naturals offers a sprouted Chia Seed because this germination process prior to low-temp milling greatly increases nutrient content, bioavailability and absorption.

Navitas Naturals recommends that customers: blend their Chia Seed products into smoothies, granola, oatmeal and yogurt; use the Sprouted Chia Seed Powder as a flour substitute for bread, muffin, cookie and pie recipes; and sprinkle Chia Seed on soup, salad and rice dishes. For delicious and nutritious Chia Seed recipes, please visit

Modern consumers’ appetite for international food, combined with the growing trend for healthier organic options, is fueling the popularity of organic ‘power foods’ from around the world. By reintroducing ancient natural foods to the Western world, Navitas Naturals is expanding the functional food category and providing options with more bio-available essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals than most supplements and chemical extracts. Navitas Naturals products are widely available throughout North America. In addition to the new Chia products, Navitas Naturals offers a wide variety of organic power foods including Maca, Flax, Hemp, Cacao (beans, nibs, paste, butter, and powder), Goldenberries, Goji Berries, Mulberries, Acai, Lucuma, Camu, raw Cashews and Yacon (dried slices, syrup and powder), as well as four varieties of Power Food Powder Twister Blends, and three blends of Trail Power snack mixes.

Navitas Naturals - Power Foods for the Modern Lifestyle

Navitas Naturals’ mission is to provide the finest organic power foods that increase energy and enhance health. By boosting demand in North America for health-enhancing foods like their new Chia Seed, Navitas Naturals creates and spreads sustainable agriculture in developing regions around the world. “Our products come from the wisdom of ancient cultures and their traditional use of plants for both culinary and medicinal purposes,” says Zach Adelman, President of Navitas Naturals. “An essential part of our mission is to create robust economic opportunities for indigenous people,” he adds. For more information, please visit or call 888-645-4282.

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