Combating free radicals with aronia berries: A new plant extract from Kaden Biochemicals

Kaden Biochemicals, a manufacturer of highly pure plant extracts located in Hamburg, Germany, has introduced a highly effective aronia extract onto the market.

The fruit of the aronia plant (Aronia melanocarpa) has outstanding antioxidant properties. Besides being extremely rich in anthocyanins –compounds not present at this concentration in any other red or blue berries – aronia is also high in proanthocyanidins. When working in combination, these two phytochemicals are especially effective at combating free radicals and inhibiting inflammations.

The aronia extract developed by Kaden Biochemicals contains over 15% natural anthocyanins and has an ORAC value of over 7300 µmolTE/g, making it an outstanding and economical alternative to other antioxidant extracts.

The aronia plant, which is native to eastern North America and commonly known as black chokeberry, produces violet-black berries having a noticeably astringent, sweet-sour flavor with bitter notes. Native Americans have used aronia for its nutritional and medicinal properties for centuries. Cultivation of the plant began in the early twentieth century in Russia, where aronia is still used as a traditional medicine for internal diseases, high blood pressure and allergies.

In addition to its aronia extract, Kaden also provides the international nutraceutical industry with a large number of other berry extracts, such as bilberry, black currant, cranberry, elderberry and blackberry.

Kaden Biochemicals is a wholly owned subsidiary of Symrise, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fragrances, flavorings and active agents used in cosmetics. As a member of the Symrise Group, Kaden can offer its clients the benefit of the synergies existing between the two companies. Common product lines, joint research efforts and combined expertise in technology and marketing provide clients with opportunities going well beyond the ability to purchase individual active ingredients.

About Kaden

As a key manufacturer of high-purity active ingredients from plant material, Kaden Biochemicals is regarded a major specialist in this area. Headquartered in Hamburg, Kaden is active in all major markets.

Kaden does understand consumer needs and provides its customers with tailor-made, highly specialized ingredients of superior quality to enable its clients to translate these new market requirements and trends into successful products.

Kaden is a fully owned subsidiary of Symrise, one of the world's largest flavors, fragrances and cosmetic ingredients companies.

As member of the Symrise Group, Kaden customers will benefit greatly from the synergies between the two companies, whose combined product lines, research capabilities, technical and marketing expertise will open up completely new areas of partnership and cooperation extending far beyond the supply of individual materials.


Karin Stoffels, Kaden Biochemicals GmbH, Phone: +49(0)40 73 60 45 - 0, e-mail: [email protected],

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