POMELLA pumps up antioxidant capacity
Verdure Sciences' POMELLA extract, standardised to the primary pomegranate ellagitannins punicalagins, can deliver absorbable ellagic acid (EA) and other antioxidant metabolites, and cause antioxidant effects measured by plasma ORAC.
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Here's a new way to fight the flu
Increasing natural killer cell activity with ImmPower-AHCC is the key to staying healthy, according to research published in the November 2006 edition of the Journal of Nutrition. Researchers at Drexel University's Department of Bioscience & Biotechnology successfully demonstrated an increased immune response to influenza infection in subjects given the all natural supplement ImmPower™, which contains pure AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound), a hybridized mushroom extract.
www.AHCCflu.info, www.americanbiosciences.com
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What's next: Flavoxine
Next Pharmaceuticals reported results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical trials with 80 subjects, using its patented new heart health ingredient, Flavoxine. The blend of two plant extracts both increased HDL cholesterol levels while simultaneously lowering LDL levels as well as triglycerides. It also lowered blood pressure and fasting blood glucose in overweight subjects with high cholesterol levels.
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