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Davisco Foods expands BiPro whey line

Davisco Foods expands BiPro whey line
Company debuts BiPro Chocolate and BiPro French Vanilla whey protein isolate.

BiPro USA announces the launch of BiPro Chocolate whey protein isolate and BiPro French Vanilla, whey protein isolate. 

“We’ve been inundated with consumer requests for flavored BiPro in recent years.” said Polly Olson, vice president of new business development, sales and marketing at Davisco Foods. “Our BiPro Chocolate and BiPro French Vanilla will maintain the same whey protein purity as our unflavored BiPro. We are excited to be expanding our product family and proud to be able to offer our line extensions to the public.”

BiPro French Vanilla, whey protein isolate is fat free, sugar free, low carbs, naturally flavored and is NSF Certified for Sport®. You receive 20 grams of protein per 25-gram serving and only 90 calories. “Unlike others on the market, our French Vanilla is a clean flavor, with no after taste.” said Olson.

BiPro Chocolate, whey protein isolate is low fat, naturally flavored, made with real cocoa and is NSF Certified for Sport. You receive 20 grams of protein per 25-gram serving and only 100 calories. “BiPro chocolate is rich and creamy without being high in fat. It’s perfect for chocolate lovers of all ages.” said Olson

BiPro is a gentle whey protein isolate manufactured using a proprietary ion-exchange process. This allows a pure whey protein isolate to be offered to consumers.

BiPro is manufactured exclusively by Davisco Foods. Davisco, a leader in whey protein manufacturing, has sold BiPro as an ingredient to industrial customers for over 30 years. Davisco introduced BiPro USA in 2001 which started offering retail packaged BiPro directly to consumers utilizing online shopping.

BiPro will continue to offer unflavored, whey protein isolate powder which is 100% natural.  Unflavored BiPro has zero carbs, no fat, no sugar, and is lactose-free.  BiPro, unflavored, mixes easily into your favorite beverage or recipe.  Unflavored BiPro has become the gold standard for clean labeled whey protein.

BiPro whey protein isolate can be purchased at and is endorsed by the Whey Protein Institute, which promotes all the health benefits of whey protein at

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