DELETE ME Podcast: Lutein science ft. expert Elizabeth Johnson

Get a sneak peak into the healthy aging track of Nutracon 2011 with scientist and lutein expert Elizabeth Johnson.

Elizabeth Johnson, Ph.D., scientist II in the Carotenoids and Health Laboratory at Tufts University, is an expert on lutein, the antioxidant that supports prevention (or delay) of age-related eye diseases. Get a sneak peek into the ingredient before she presents at Nutracon 2011 in the healthy aging track on "The role of lutein in neural health – from the retina to the brain."

Hear answers to:

  • How big a part of "healthy aging" is eye health?
  • What makes lutein different from other carotenoids such as beta-carotene or zeaxanthin?
  • What's the most compelling piece of research to back lutein's efficacy for eye health?

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