D&G Health introduces Elixinol CBD hemp oil

CBD hemp oil health alternatives now available through partnership with renowned Australian hemp expert.

D&G Health has announced a partnership with renowned Australian Hemp expert Paul Benhaim to introduce a new Cannabidiol (CBD) health alternative Elixinol™, which is a 100% organic, CO2-extracted, 18% CBD hemp oil product.

CBD Hemp Oil is made from industrial hemp and contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids. It is a natural constituent of hemp oil and contains none of the psychoactive properties found in “medicinal marijuana.”

As one of over 60 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, it is largely focused on protecting health. A growing body of literature suggests that CBD may hold tremendous promise as a powerful supplement for maintaining the healthy function of the various systems within the human body.

According to Gabriel Ettenson, co-owner of D&G Health, the access to hemp oil containing CBD is significantly limited in the U.S.

"Due to limited availability of CBD hemp oil supplements, most have to rely on marijuana-derived CBD oil, which is a controlled substance and therefore challenging for most people to obtain," said Ettenson. “Those looking to optimize their health with CBD hemp oil do have some options, but most are products derived from nonorganic sources and, in most cases, exposed to heat or toxic solvents during processing. Additionally, most companies cannot even provide lab tests to support their claims so you don’t even know what you are actually buying. We are trying to change that with our product.”

"This product represents the highest level of quality imaginable,” said Paul Benhaim. “I have committed my life to working with this ‘gift of mother nature’ and since the demand for its vital elements increases, so does the demand for people to be able to access the plant in its most natural state."

For more information on Elixinol™, please visit the company website, elixinolcbd.com, or call 844.804.3504.


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