DiCalcium Malate from Albion is GRAS

May 12, 2008, Human Nutrition Division, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan - DiCalcium Malate (Albion product number 4049 & 4050) has been self-affirmed GRAS according to the procedures of the FDA, with the approval of its consulting firm Cantox.

DiCalcium Malate has been shown to be a safe and highly bioavailable form of calcium. DiCalcium Malate is covered by US Patent 6,706,904 and patents pending.

DiCalcium Malate has a molecular formula of Ca2C4H6O5, and an atomic mass of 214.25 daltons. Guaranteed calcium analysis of not less than 29%.

DiCalcium Malate has a 2:1 molar ratio of calcium:malic acid, and is available exclusively from Albion. Recent bioavailability studies have demonstrated this form of calcium to have superior absorption characteristics, which allows the calcium from this unique ingredient to be absorbed over a longer period of time, resulting in improved blood levels of calcium over a longer period of time. In vitro testing has demonstrated that DiCalcium Malate does not exhibit the gas causing problems that are associated with other calcium forms, like calcium carbonate.

DiCalcium Malate is:

· Certified Kosher Parve

· Vegetarian (contains no animal products or by-products)

· GMO free by the Identity Preserved method

· Hypoallergenic

· BSE free

DiCalcium Malate is well suited for use in tablets, capsules, powdered drinks, certain ready to drink beverages, as well as a wide range of foods.

Contact Albion at 1-800-222-0733 for more information.

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