DiCalcium Malate: Superior Form of Calcium from Albion

December 31, 2007, St. Clair Shores, MI - Over the course of the last year, two clinical studies on the absorption of calcium have demonstrated that Albion’s patented calcium ingredient, DiCalcium Malate has superior bioavailibility to other popular forms of calcium. The dosage of calcium was different in each of the studies. In one study, the calcium absorption comparison was made at a high dose, 900 mg, while in the other study the dosage was a more moderate 300 mg (these were elemental levels of calcium per dose). Applying pharmacokinetic measures, DiCalcium Malate was shown to have higher rate of absorption (AUC=area under the curve), and also continued the elevation of serum calcium for a longer time period, indicating that the absorption of the calcium from DiCalcium Malate continues for a longer period than the common calcium form. An article covering this research is being prepared for publication, however, a preliminary report on the latest study is available from Albion’s Human Product Division.

Max R. Motyka
Director Human Products Division
(801) 825-9877

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