Equine Nutrition Company SeaBuck Equine Announces New Super Fruit Supplement

Equine nutrition company SeaBuck Equine (www.seabuck.com) has announced its new super fruit supplement, SeaBuck Complete. An all-natural equine health and performance supplement, SeaBuck Complete provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant functions addressing the needs of a horse's delicate yet demanding biosystem.

"Super fruit nutrition has become the source of rapidly growing consumer interest in the health and wellness industry as consumers seek natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs," said Dusty McMullin, SeaBuck Equine's General Manager. "This trend has crossed over into the equine world, and SeaBuck Complete delivers the essential vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids that promote long-term health in all classes and breeds of horses."

SeaBuck Complete has been developed using the remarkable nutrient profile of the seabuckthorn berry, which hails from the high mountain valleys of the Himalayan Region.

"I am truly excited and impressed with the results I and my clients have experienced with the introduction of SeaBuck Complete to the feeding program," said Dr. Douglas Beebe, DVM. "From foals, to horses in training/competition, I have seen significant results to the overall health of these horses - they look better, feel better and perform better. There is a ton of research behind this product, so perhaps I should not be so surprised with the results I am seeing."

SeaBuck Complete benefits include:

-- Supports a healthy digestive function and helps maintain a proper gut pH.

-- Promotes healthy skin and coat.

-- Contains a powerful network of antioxidants.

-- Supports and promotes long-term health.

-- Contains 180 compounds as verified by clinical analysis.

-- Supports healthy reproductive function.

Continued McMullin, "It is documented that early oriental horsemen knew that seabuckthorn made their horses healthier and stronger. They didn't understand why -- they just knew that it worked. Today, we are more sophisticated with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and test environments to help us identify the many components and technical benefits of this super fruit -- and the bottom line is that it still works."

SeaBuck Complete is sold online, through independent dealers and in select retail stores. For more information, visit www.seabuck.com or call 866-593-9446.

About SeaBuck Equine

Based in Midvale, Utah, SeaBuck Equine develops all-natural equine health and performance supplements based on the super fruit, seabuckthorn. SeaBuck Equine's products aid in the long-term health of horses of every class and breed. For more information about SeaBuck Equine and its line of products, visit www.seabuck.com.

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