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EuroPharma launches Clinical Essentials multivitamin

EuroPharma launches Clinical Essentials multivitamin
New formula delivers many minerals and vitamins in specialized forms to ensure superior absorption.

Clinical Essentials™, the newest multiple vitamin and mineral formula in EuroPharma Inc.’s Terry Naturally® brand, provides many minerals and vitamins in the specialized forms for more reliable benefits. 

“Even when people take a daily multiple, they may not be getting all the vitamins and minerals they need, because most multiples don’t include nutrients in the forms that are best used by the body,” said Terry Lemerond, president and founder of EuroPharma Inc., maker of the Terry Naturally brand of dietary supplements. “And they often have only small amounts of poorly absorbed minerals. In fact, there are more mineral than vitamin deficiencies in America. Many multiple formulas are lacking in the mineral content.” 

“We wanted to create a formula that included a full range of nutrients at meaningful, clinically effective levels to assure real benefits.” Lemerond continued. “But in addition to that, we included ingredients that are well absorbed and utilized by the body. How well the body absorbs nutrients is more important than how much it takes in.” 

With that in mind, Clinical Essentials uses The Real Amino Acid Chelate System (TRAACS®), which binds minerals to amino acids to create an organic molecule for superior absorption. Clinical Essentials also provides vitamin B6, B12, and folate in their active forms—P-5-P, methylcobalamin, and Lmethylfolate—so no conversion in the liver is necessary before the B vitamins can support energy levels, cardiovascular health, nerve function, carbohydrate metabolism, and amino acid production. 

“Another important thing to note,” Lemerond added, “is that nutrients that are better absorbed tend to be a lot easier on the stomach—a frequent concern for anyone who uses a premium multiple formula. However, we’ve taken an additional step in creating the Gingerglide™ coating system for each tablet. It makes them easier to swallow, gentle on the stomach, and ensures no ‘vitamin smell’ or aftertaste.” Clinical Essentials provides a full range of crucial nutrients, including vitamin D3 and vitamin E from a d-alpha and mixed tocopherol complex that includes the full spectrum of the vitamin E family. Lemerond concludes, “Clinical Essentials is the foundation upon which an optimal health plan is built. There are a lot of Americans suffering from the ‘hidden hunger’ of low nutrient intake, and that’s something we’d like to change.” 


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