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Food/supplement convergence: Suppliers sound off

Pharmachem Laboratories, Sabinsa and Horphag Research (supplier of Pycnogenol) share marketing tips for food/supplement products and brands.

Q. What are some tips for marketers to create loyalty for a brand that exists in multiple categories?

"Don't try to market the brand in too many categories, or it will appear too good to be true. Focus on the two or three categories that have the best scientific basis for efficacy and safety. Capitalize on the brand's awareness in the core category to build its reputation in others."

–Mitch Skop, senior director/new product development
Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc.


"Show customers and consumers that you support the brand. The support can come in various ways. For example, Sabinsa has created loyalty for our brands by having solid intellectual property, science and quality behind all of our branded ingredients. Additionally, addressing supply issues and working with farmers to ensure sustainable availability is important."

–Shaheen Majeed, marketing manager
Sabinsa Corp.


"To date, Pycnogenol is available in more than 700 functional foods and beverages, dietary supplements and cosmetic formulations worldwide. We request all our customers comply with local regulations and make sure their marketing and communications are in line with local regulatory guidelines. Our scientific bibliography of more than 290 publications provides a large variety of possible marketing or health claims, particularly in the fields of heart, joint, eye and skin health and many more. Our customers have full marketing and communications support specific to their formulations, which also helps cement loyalty from both our customers and consumers alike."

–Victor Ferrari, CEO
Horphag Research, exclusive worldwide supplier of Pycnogenol raw material

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