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Fruit d'Or debuts first encapsulated cranberry powders

Fruit dOr launches first encapsulated cranberry powders
Industry-first capsules have no fillers, chemicals, additives or excipients within the easy-to-swallow capsules—just pure, all-natural cranberry powder the way Mother Nature intended.

Stephen Lukawski, vice president of global business development and sales for Fruit d'Or Nutraceuticals, has announced that the company has pioneered encapsulation of cranberry powders into a two-piece capsule without the use of lubricating agents—an industry first.  According to Lukawski, this means that there are no fillers, chemicals, additives or excipients within the easy-to-swallow capsules, "just pure, all-natural cranberry powder, the way Mother Nature intended."

Fruit d'Or, he said, is the first to bring to the market both organic and conventional powders, pesticide and heavy metal free, that may now be processed into capsules with a fill weight of at least 500 mg of pure cranberry. Fruit d'Or has been able to guarantee a standardized potency of its natural cranberry powders to contain a minimum of 10 percent PAC content. 

Further, the company can now sell bulk capsules that are standardized for purity, potency and guaranteed quality from the field to the consumers, more and more of whom are demanding "clean" ingestibles.

"The value proposition is evident and so are the benefits," Lukawski asserted. "We have now raised the bar of quality even further by giving supplement manufactures an alternative cranberry powder that can help save money and generate greater sales for the industry."

Being recognized as world leader in organic cranberry Fruit d'Or is the only cranberry company that plants, grows, harvest and dries its own cranberry product into nutraceutical powders. Positioned as the cranberry solution provider, Fruit d'Or invests in partnerships based on scientific research and innovation.

The company collaborated with Dr. Christian G. Krueger, research scientist and CEO of Complete Phytochemical Solutions LLC, and the University of Wisconsin to perform a fingerprint analysis of both the supplier's whole cranberry powder and cranberry protein powder; the analysis also identified the integrity of the starting cranberry power, preventing adulteration of the cranberry. Fruit d'Or was the first company to have done these tests.

A few months later, after completing an anti-adhesion study with Rutgers University that showed a 70 percent success on the effects that soluble PACs have on urinary tract health, Fruit d'Or then performed an anti-invasion study with the University of Wisconsin to gather preclinical evidence of cranberry's benefit on gut health. This test showed encouraging results of the positive effect that insoluble PACs may have. 

"Now, we are moving beyond cranberry and its role in supporting urinary tract health, discovering new health benefits associated with our cranberry, such as synergism with probiotics and oral health," Lukawski described. "For example, we have been able to successfully reduce the water activity in our cranberry through a proprietary manufacturing process that allows us to work together with probiotics, which has been typically quite challenging for the majority of cranberry suppliers because conventional cranberry powder ingredients have too much water activity, potentially more quickly degrading the probiotic cultures."

Lukawski added that Fruit d'Or's cranberry products—Cran Naturelle—are further distinguished by being non-GMO verified; nondairy; gluten-, soy- and preservative-free; and vegetarian and vegan friendly.



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