FungusAmongUs® Launches Private Label Program

FungusAmongUs®, 15-year purveyors of a full line of organic and natural dried mushrooms and mushroom products, announce the launch of their Private Label program. Included in the program is their latest product offering, the FungusAmongUs® Pacific Northwest dried mushroom line. These products represent the company’s support of Buy Local programs that encourage consumers to buy locally and regionally. Private label Pacific Northwest products include: Northwest Blend Porcini, Chanterelle, Black Trumpet, Lobster, Morel, and Matsutake – all locally grown and harvested in the pristine Pacific Northwest of the United States!

FungusAmongUs® offers over 30 products including the Italian Truffle line for their Private Label Program. They are all equally as marketable as the Pacific Northwest line! For their Private Label program. Prices and sizes range per product. Competitive pricing – good profit!

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