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Garden of Life rebrands multivitamins

Garden of Life rebrands multivitamins
Leader in whole-food, science-based, USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified nutrition changes the name of its top-selling multivitamins from Kind Organics to mykind Organics.

Garden of Life, the leader in whole food, science-based, USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified nutrition, is changing the name of its top-selling multivitamins from Kind Organics to mykind Organics. Introduced in June 2014 in collaboration with New York Times best-selling author, actress and health advocate Alicia Silverstone, the 10 gender- and age-specific formulas propelled Garden of Life to the number-one-selling multivitamin company in the natural products industry, according to SPINSscan. The new mykind Organics name will begin shipping to health foods stores on Jan. 1, 2015.

Silverstone and Garden of Life worked together to bring supplements to market that are made from real, organic, nutritious foods without harsh chemical binders, fillers or coatings. The result is a full line of USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified vitamin and mineral formulas from more than 30 Non-GMO fruits and vegetables. According to Garden of Life's president, Brian Ray, this clean vitamin line marks the most important innovation in whole food vitamins in more than a decade.

Silverstone said that prior to the collaboration, she was unable to find vitamins that met her standards. "I searched for certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, whole food supplements for years and could not find one that I would take, let alone recommend to anyone," she said. "I was surprised they didn't exist and went looking for a partner to create them. I teamed up with Garden of Life because we share the same vision of bringing the highest-quality vitamins to families everywhere, unlike many that are derived from petroleum chemicals and synthesized in labs."

Silverstone personally worked with the Garden of Life team on all aspects of the vitamins, including formulation, branding, and packaging. She noted that from the very beginning of the relationship, Garden of Life was attentive to her wish list and making sure everything from ingredients to packaging was the best available.

"One of the reasons mykind Organics is so special is because the standards are so high," Silverstone said. "I wanted to take a multi from the same types of organic, nutritious foods I eat in my daily diet. I didn't want a bottle of chemical isolates dressed up with organic fluff. The multi that I wanted to take didn't exist, so that is why we created mykind Organics."

Available at select health food stores and natural retailers nationwide, Garden of Life mykind Organics formulas include: Women's Multi, Women's Multi Once Daily, Women's Multi 40+, Men's Multi, Men's Multi Once Daily, and Men's Multi 40+. Targeted formulas for specific needs include mykind Organics Prenatal Multi, Organic Plant Calcium, and Vegan D3 and B-12 in delicious organic sprays.

Ray noted that Garden of Life mykind Organics addresses the needs of consumers who have embraced the importance of buying more Certified USDA Organic, non-GMO verified foods and want the same high standards for their supplements. He cited a survey by the International Food Information Council that found 68 percent of consumers liked the idea of getting health-promoting nutrients and food components from vitamins and supplements.


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