GNC extends Preventive Nutrition line

GNC extends Preventive Nutrition line

Company's medical advisory board helped develop 11 new supplements.

GNC Holdings Inc. (NYSE: GNC), the nation's largest specialty retailer of health, wellness and sports nutrition products, announces the extension of its trusted line of advanced nutrition supplements. GNC’s Preventive Nutrition® brand features more advanced, robust formulas comprised of scientifically formulated and clinically validated ingredients. The line is designed to provide nutritional support for a wide range of health concerns and support overall health and wellness.

“Health and wellness is important to men and women of all ages, and their health concerns are far-reaching and can range from supporting brain health to healthy digestion and cholesterol,” said Tom Dowd, executive vice president, chief merchandising officer and general manager of GNC. “This extension of our Preventive Nutrition line is part of GNC’s goal of providing consumers with the best innovative products the nutritional supplement industry has to offer.”

Working with GNC’s Medical Advisory Board of renowned physicians, GNC’s latest innovations contain blends of clinically studied ingredients along with additional nutrients. Reflecting GNC’s commitment to helping our customers Live Well, the line’s lifestyle programs can also help consumers to modify their diet and/or exercise regimen to further support their health.

“With 11 new formulas to choose from, consumers can rest assured that they are taking a supplement that will help them support the key health concern they are focused on, such as eye health, blood pressure, digestive health or liver health,” said the chairman of GNC’s Medical Advisory Board, Dr. Joseph C. Maroon, MD., F.A.C.S. “For example, the Healthy Cholesterol Formula™ supports normal, healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It combines potent phytosterols, which support heart health, and CoQ-10 for powerful cardiovascular antioxidant support.”

GNC’s physician-formulated nutrition solutions feature premium ingredients for optimum performance:

  • Eye Health Formula™ – Supports overall eye health and function
  • Liver Health Formula™ – Supports the liver's natural cleansing and detoxifying process
  • Brain Health Formula™ – Supports memory function and retention
  • Energy Enhancing Formula™ – Provides stimulant-free energy production, fuels cellular energy and combats a key marker of muscle fatigue
  • Healthy Digestion Formula™ – Improves overall digestive health and replenishes beneficial bacteria for optimal digestion
  • Bone and Joint Health Formula™ – Improves overall bone and joint health
  • Enhanced Sleep Formula™ – Naturally helps promote restful sleep
  • Healthy Cholesterol Formula™ – Supports normal, healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Healthy Blood Pressure Formula™ – Supports normal, healthy blood pressure levels and enhances blood vessel dilation
  • Cellular Antioxidant Formula™ – Protects cell structure and function
  • Healthy Blood Sugar Formula™ – Supports normal, healthy blood glucose levels


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