Latin America hosts first food supplements conference
October will see supplement industry heads, regulators, academics, and nutrition and health experts from around the world converge upon Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the inaugural Latin American Food Supplements conference. Participants from all countries in the region will be in attendance to exchange views on the issues and opportunities at hand as Latin America attempts to establish a cohesive regulatory framework.

The event will present an overview of the market and its place on the world stage before focusing on regulatory issues within the region, the accepted benefits of supplements use and how best to convey them to the public. The role and regulation of food supplements in promoting the health of Latin American populations will be discussed for the first time. Speakers from organisations such as Codex, the European Commission, the Office of Dietary Supplements (US) and the Council for Responsible Nutrition (USA) will expand upon these and other issues.

"In countries like Brazil and Argentina, the industry is quite mature," said Simon Pettman, IADSA executive director and conference organiser. "In these countries there is a long history of selling herbal products or other products through drugstores and health stores. But, if this industry is to fulfill its potential, it needs to have the right regulatory system."

He added: "At the moment, most countries appear to be looking at this in isolation ­ but they're starting to learn from each other and from the rest of the world. What we want to encourage is the sharing of experience across the Latin American region as well as the experience of what is happening in other parts of the world. That's why we are bringing in speakers from the US, Canada, Europe and Japan so the experience of these regions can be assessed and, hopefully, learned from. And as the economic situation in the region improves, the culture of supplements use should blossom."

Similar conferences have been staged with great success in Africa and Asia in the past two years, resulting in action programmes that have assisted national governments to formulate compatible regulations, learn from the experiences of their neighbours and other regions of the world, and address differences in the cultural and nutritional needs of the countries' populations.

IADSA continues to grow globally
IADSA is an alliance of 43 dietary supplements associations spread over six continents. The two newest member countries are Peru and Malaysia. More than 8,500 companies are part of IADSA member associations.

IADSA provides regulatory and policy information on dietary supplements, coordinates strategy and action on global regulatory issues, fosters relations between its network of associations, and organises global and regional events to promote dialogue on the scientific and regulatory issues underpinning the dietary supplement market.

More info: David Pineda
Tel: +32 2209 1155
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Dennin retires from Capsugel but not from industry
IADSA chairman Randy Dennin has retired as vice president of global business development at Capsugel. He will, however, remain active within the industry via his ongoing role as IADSA chairman and as a consultant for Capsugel.

"We are delighted that Randy will continue his leadership of IADSA and, with potentially more time available, devote even more energy to building the IADSA network," said Simon Pettman.

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