Jarrow launches MagMind, QH-Pomegranate

Jarrow launches MagMind, QH-Pomegranate

Jarrow Formulas, a formulator and supplier of superior nutritional supplements, has announced the introduction of a new dietary supplement to support brain & memory health.

Jarrow Formulas’ MagMind™, with Magnesium L-threonate, is the company’s latest cutting-edge brain health formula. Made with Magnesium L-threonate, MagMind uses the form of magnesium that supports increased magnesium levels in the brain. Emerging research has shown that increasing brain magnesium levels supports learning, working memory, as well as short and long-term memory in the young and aged.

“We’re extremely excited to add yet another great brain supplement to our product line,” says Rory Lipsky, marketing director. “Our customers love our Neuro Optimizer® product and with MagMind, those seeking support for short- and long-term memory now have another great product for brain health to choose from.*”

According to USDA, an estimated 68% of Americans do not consume their recommended daily allowance for Magnesium. MagMind (Magnesium L-Threonate, or Magtein™) is the form of magnesium that has been shown by promising research to readily cross the blood-brain barrier and provide support for cognition, memory and brain health.

Jarrow Formulas also has announced the introduction of new “on the go” additions to its popular whey protein line.

Jarrow Formulas’ Whey Protein line now comes in four, new 12-packet SKUs; Whey Protein Unflavored (12 packets), Whey Protein French Vanilla (12 packets), Whey Protein Chocolate (12 packets) and a mixed box (4 packets of each flavor).

Jarrow Formulas’ Whey Protein is a rich source of glutamine-rich proteins, and does not contain pesticides or herbicides. Each packet of Whey Protein provides approximately 4 grams of BCAA. No other source of protein provides as much of the BCAA as whey.

“We’re extremely excited to continue the extension of our whey protein product line,” says Rory Lipsky, marketing director. “With our new 12-packet SKUs, our costumers have a great and convenient way to carry whey protein wherever they go.”

Jarrow Formulas’ 100% natural whey protein products promote muscle repair, growth, and lean muscle mass, helping many athletes and individuals increase their physical training goals.* No artificial sweeteners, colors, or other additives are added.

Jarrow Formulas also has announced the introduction of the newest addition to its award-wining QH® line: QH-Pomegranate.

Jarrow Formulas’ QH-Pomegranate brings together two of the premier cardio-protective ingredients available today in one softgel: QH® (Kaneka® ubiquinol, the reduced, active antioxidant state of Co-Q10), and pomegranate extract (containing a wide range of polyphenolic compounds including ellagic acid, anthocyanins and ellagitannins).

“QH-Pomegranate is designed for those who seek the superior absorption of Jarrow Formulas ubiquinol combined with pomegranate extract to support cardiovascular and antioxidant health,” says Rory Lipsky, marketing director. “QH-Pomegranate is positioned to give consumers a cutting-edge, superior dietary supplement to choose from in their quest to support cardiovascular health and protect against free radical damage.”

The pomegranate extract in QH-Pomegranate is derived from 100% California pomegranates, an especially potent source of the hydrolyzed tannins punicalagin, ellagic acid, and gallic acid.


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