Kirin Yakult NextStage Launches Supplements for Middle-Aged and Senior Customers

Kirin Yakult NextStage will launch a new supplement for middle-aged and senior customers called “Suplism” on 14 October 2008. This product line up has been designed to be easy-to-take on a daily basis and is aimed at the middle-aged to senior customer bracket, who make up the main customer base for Yakult Ladies. The current line-up of five items is being offered in response to customer demand, and has been split between the “Maintenance Line” (three items), which offers basic nutritional support, and the “Conditioning Line” (two items), which is centered around Yakult’s functional ingredients. The tablet-type “Maintenance Line” includes “Multivitamin”, “Calcium” and “Iron” products (priced at JPY 1,500 each), and the “Conditioning Line” includes “Phosphatidylserine” (JPY 2,800) and “Fucoidan” (JPY 1,900) products. The products will be available through Kirin Yakult NextStage mail order as well as the Yakult Ladies.

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