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MayPro takes top honour for Oligonol

Steve Yamada (second from left), CEO of The Maypro Group, accepts the 2008 Nutraward for oligonol. He is joined by Hank Cheatham (left), Peter Baskauskas and Macy Franze of Quality of Life Laboratories (right and far right)When Steve Yamada, CEO and founder of MayPro Group, accepted the 2008 NutrAward at SupplyExpo in March, he had little idea how much that shiny piece of crystal would raise awareness for Oligonol, a patented, antioxidant ingredient consisting of oligomerized polyphenols. "Since winning this award, we have gotten so much interest from the EU, Japan and the United States for Oligonol," says Yamada. "It is truly an honour to be so well respected within the industry."

The NutrAward is presented each year by New Hope Natural Media and Functional Ingredients magazine to a company that represents the best in scientific research. For 2008, MayPro's Oligonol was the clear winner. Oligonol was developed by Amino Up Chemical Company of Sapporo, Japan, and marketed exclusively in the US by MayPro. Studies show that Oligonol has multiple health properties including cardiovascular benefits, reduction in post-exercise fatigue and even fewer wrinkles.

Yamada says it is this latter discovery that harkens back to Oligonol's principle component, the lychee fruit. Yamada explains there is a legend from the Tang Dynasty (year 867 to 907), a time believed to be a high point in Chinese civilization, when one of the ruling emperors traveled many miles on horseback to deliver lychee fruits to a beautiful woman in waiting. It was believed that her flawless complexion and beauty were attributed to her passion for the lychee fruit.

More than 1,200 years later, Oligonol was born and proved to be a scientific superstar. Multiple studies show that Oligonol's patented process, which shortens polyphenol polymers from the lychee fruit into monomers and short-chain oligomers, improves the biovailability of the polyphenols.

This key factor of bioavailability measures out in more than one peer-reviewed study. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food showed Oligonol's ability to reduce platelet reactivity in subjects with elevated risk of cardiovascular disease. Another study of 47 athletes published in the Japanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine showed Oligonol reduced post-exercise fatigue significantly.

And lastly, an open-label study of 17 women revealed that Oligonol was responsible for a 40 per cent reduction in number of wrinkles and a 63 per cent reduction in wrinkle size. In December 2007, at the International Congress of the Swiss Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Oligonol was praised by Dr Albert MacKenzie, MD, an internationally recognized American dermatologist, for its ability to protect the skin from sun damage.

If that is not enough, the Food and Drug Administration found no qualms with Oligonol, and recently accepted it as a New Dietary Ingredient, concluding it was safe to be legally marketed in the US. With all these attributes from the scientific and medical community, it's not surprising that this year's NutrAward winner was Oligonol.

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