Most Americans Need to ‘Get Hip’ to Bone Health, Survey Says

Majority are Unaware of Risks and Critical Factors for Building Healthy Bones

GOLDEN, Colo. (January 11, 2007) – A majority of Americans are unaware of key facts
concerning healthy bones, and also lack important knowledge about health risks related to bone
disease. Those are among the key findings of a new study conducted for GTC Nutrition, makers
of NutraFlora® short-chain fructooligosaccharides (scFOS®) prebiotic dietary fiber.

The study, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for GTC Nutrition, found that 86 percent
of Americans believe that women are at greater risk from breast cancer, ovarian cancer or uterine
cancer than from fractures linked to osteoporosis. In fact, a woman’s risk of an osteoporotic
fracture is greater than from all three cancers combined.

Even though calcium is critical for building bone mass, more than half (55 percent) of the 1,031
survey respondents were unaware that the body absorbs only about 30 percent of the calcium
consumed through diet. A variety of factors determine how much dietary calcium is absorbed by
each individual, including age, gender and digestive health.

The survey also found that most Americans underestimate the percentage of young women who
are not getting enough calcium during the peak bone-building years. Although studies show 90
percent of girls aged 12 to 19 are not getting enough calcium, more than two-thirds of all
respondents to the GTC Nutrition survey weren’t aware of the extent of this shortfall, including
66 percent of the respondents with children in their households.

“These survey findings, while concerning, underscore the opportunity Americans have to increase
their overall health and well-being by learning more about bone health and the factors that
influence it, including calcium absorption,” said Coni Francis, Ph.D., R.D., scientific affairs
manager for GTC Nutrition. “Our goal is to help consumers be more aware of the risks and also
realize the easy choices they can make in the supermarket aisle to help build stronger bones.”
Building healthy bones requires not only consuming a diet rich in calcium, Dr. Francis said, but
also taking steps to ensure sufficient calcium is absorbed. NutraFlora®, GTC Nutrition’s
prebiotic dietary fiber, has been shown to significantly increase calcium absorption, helping to
build bone mass and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. NutraFlora is found in many popular foods
such as Horizon Organic® yogurt lines, Skinny Cow® low fat ice creams, Ross Products®
NutriPals™ bars, EAS® Myoplex Original® and Myoplex Lite® shakes, and NuVim® beverages.

About the Survey
The survey was conducted for GTC Nutrition by Opinion Research Corporation in November
2006. Respondents included 1,031 adults in the U.S. who were contacted by telephone and asked
to provide unaided and aided responses to questions concerning bone health.

About GTC Nutrition
GTC Nutrition, a business unit of Corn Products International, Inc., is a recognized leader in
providing customized nutrition solutions and scientific, technical and marketing expertise to the
food processing, dietary supplement and animal feed industries. GTC Nutrition promotes health
globally with innovative functional food ingredients and unsurpassed customer support. For
more information, visit

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