National Enzyme Launches ZIP EX2 Energy Supplement

National Enzyme Company introduces its newest enzymatically enhanced energy product, ZIP EX2. This energy product uses enzymes, B complex vitamins and energy-filled herbs to combine the benefits of sustained energy. This supplement is all natural and uses only non-stimulant ingredients, ensuring there will be no crash or jittery feeling later.

ZIPEX2 provides a powerful, three-tiered solution to energy management. Using a unique blend of digestive enzymes, herbs and vitamins, ZIP EX2 supports the body’s metabolic energy mechanisms and delivers lasting results throughout the day. Digestion can cause an energy-zapping effect on the body, especially when working to digest ‘whole foods’. The use of digestive enzymes in an energy formula will allow macronutrients to be broken down into their simplest form and absorbed easily into the body, causing less stress on the digestive system.

ZIP EX2 can be purchased in many forms and in many customizable packaging options. This product can be marketed as is or enhanced with other ingredients in the form of capsules. Choose from packaging options such as convenience packs, bottles or customizable jars.

Since 1932, National Enzyme Company has been the leader in nutritional enzyme technology. From research and development to marketing support, NEC provides manufacturers and distributors worldwide with comprehensive dietary supplement services while adhering to strict NSF and TGA certified GMPs.

For more information, please visit or call 800-825-8545.

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