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Natural Factors adds Wellmune to Whole Earth & Sea line

Natural Factors adds Wellmune to Whole Earth & Sea line
Clinically proven immune health booster is a key ingredient in the newly launched Whole Earth & Sea Pure Food Super Mushroom.

Wellmune®, the clinically proven immune health booster, is a key ingredient in the newly launched Whole Earth & Sea® Pure Food Super Mushroom from Natural Factors, a premier natural health product manufacturer. For consumers looking to promote their health and wellness, this new product enhances key immune functions to help maintain healthy energy levels, stay healthy during times of stress, and improve overall physical health. 

A yeast beta glucan, Wellmune is a unique functional ingredient that triggers the innate human immune defenses to protect the body. Pure Food Super Mushroom is backed by Wellmune’s unmatched clinical results that support the overall effectiveness of the ingredient’s ability to strength the immune system. Double blind, placebo-controlled studies involving marathoners, firefighters, and other individuals with stressful lifestyles found that Wellmune helps maintain a healthy upper respiratory tract and improves a sense of overall health. One clinical trial found those taking Wellmune reported 22 percent higher scores in vigor, a 48 percent reduction in fatigue, a 38 percent reduction in tension, and a 38 percent reduction in confusion, compared to the placebo groups.

“In terms of supporting the immune system, Wellmune stands out compared to all other sources because of its clinical results amongst a broad range of consumers,” said Yolanda Fenton, director of product development at Factors Group. “Just like a key in a lock, the binding of the beta glucan contained in Wellmune to cellular receptors literally flips the switch in white blood cells, putting them on alert and primed for action.”

“Immune health is one of the top concerns for consumers in part because people are beginning to better understand and treat their immune health as the foundation for everyday wellness,” added Richard G. Mueller, Biothera chief executive officer. “We are thrilled that Wellmune has been incorporated into an innovative product from one of the world’s leading healthcare manufacturers.”

Safe for everyday consumption, the Pure Food Super Mushroom is vegan and vegetarian friendly, sustainably sourced, and non-GMO. Pure Food Super Mushroom can be purchased at specialty retailers and natural health food stores in the US and Canada. Each serving of the supplement includes the clinically recommended 250 mg serving of Wellmune as well as six different mushrooms, and Farm Fresh Factors™ to help further overall health support. For more information about Super Mushroom visit 

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