Nature's Formulary Launches Organic and Wild Crafted Product Line, New Identity and Label Design

Nature’s Formulary LLC, the natural product industry’s oldest marketer of Ayurvedic products announced the launch of a line of Ayurvedic supplements that will be either organic or wild crafted.

“Our customers have expressed a preference for organic herbal supplements and we’ve responded,” said Kristin Giuliani, National Sales and Marketing Manager. According to P K Davé, CEO of Nature’s Formulary; going forward all new products will be either organic or wild crafted and the entire current product line will be gradually switched over.

The company also has re-stated its’ committed to supporting responsible cultivation and best practices throughout the channel; right from the farm to the consumer.

Co-inciding with these events, Nature’s Formulary launched a new identity and new design for product labels. “The new logo has changed only a little bit, however the new logo type and product label are designed to express our company’s simple, down-to-earth philosophy,” said P K Davé.

Nature’s Formulary is the natural products industry’s oldest marketer of Ayurvedic products including herbal supplements and personal care products. All of the company’s products are based on Ayurvedic Medicine, a 4000 years old science of health care developed in India. Consistent with Ayurvedic philosophy, Nature’s Formulary has always believed in empowering consumers to make their own health care decisions and offers the industry’s broadest educational programs. The company’s products are available throughout the USA at health food stores and on-line at Nature’s formulary products are manufactured and packaged in the USA in FDA inspected facilities.

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