Nature's Formulary Starts Shipping Organic and wild Crafted Product Line, New Identity and Label Design

In October of 2009, Nature’s Formulary LLC, the natural product industry’s oldest marketer of Ayurvedic products announced the launch of a new identity and label design, coinciding with the conversion of all products to either organic or wild crafted herbal ingredients.

Today, the company indicated that it has started shipping 7 products; 2 are organic and 5 have been formulated with responsibly harvested wild crafted herbs. “We worked aggressively to get these products to market to respond to our customers’ expectations,” indicated Kristin Giuliani, National Sales and Marketing Manager.

A new label made with recycled paper and printed with solvent-less inks is used on a bottle that has always been made from 100% recyclable materials. A circular logo has been placed on the new label to clearly indicate Nature’s Formulary’s commitment to social responsibility through sustainable cultivation and best practices at all levels; from the farm to customer. This includes the company’s advocacy of fair trade practices. “We believe it is time to do more to help reduce the impact of our daily lives on the environment,” said P K Davé, CEO of the company. Nature’s Formulary also said it will do its part in saving U.S. jobs in these difficult economic times by continuing to manufacture and package products in the United States.

Nature’s Formulary is the natural products industry’s oldest marketer of Ayurvedic products including herbal supplements and personal care products. All of the company’s products are based on Ayurvedic Medicine, a 4000 years old science of health care developed in India. Consistent with Ayurvedic philosophy, Nature’s Formulary has always believed in empowering consumers to make their own health care decisions and offers the industry’s broadest educational programs. The company’s products are available throughout the USA at health food stores and on-line at Nature’s formulary products are manufactured and packaged in the USA in FDA inspected facilities.

Retailers can get more information at 800-923-9338, ext 10. For trade inquiries please contact Kristin Giuliani at ext. 11 or [email protected]. Reporters and media are requested to contact P K Davé by e mail at [email protected]

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