Natures Research Nutritionals launches women's line

Natures Research Nutritionals launches women's line

Ganeden BC30 powers new nutritional products.

Natures Research Nutritionals (NRN) developed Empowered Premium Nutrition due to a large void and unfulfilled need in the nutrition market. Women have been excluded from the nutritional category by both manufacturers and retailers. Empowered Premium Nutrition fills the void with all-natural and great tasting nutritional products that are developed specifically for a woman’s nutritional needs. The company’s products, formulas, brand message and marketing speak directly to women and their specific nutritional needs with a whole-body nutrition and wellness approach.

Empowered Premium Nutrition has partnered with the Susan G. Komen foundation to develop a very unique and specific product line that is formulated specifically for women’s immunity and functional health. This line of female-specific protein powders, whole-food nutrition bars, probiotic and antioxidant supplements will provide women with gluten-free tools necessary to ensure proper nutrition.

Active women must have adequate protein intake in order to support healthy, lean muscle tissue and a healthy metabolism. Although whole-foods are best, Empowered Premium Protein Meal Replacement Powder provides an excellent alternative, especially for individuals on the go. The company’s initial offer will include three great tasting flavors: I Dream of Chocolate, Vanilla Vacation, and Berry Good for U. All products are low lactose and free of artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Each 150-calorie serving contains 19 grams of high quality protein and 1 gram of fat along with premium vitamins, minerals and whole-food antioxidants. Each serving also contains a powerful probiotic, GanedenBC30, which helps support digestive health.

At Ganeden Biotech, our goal is to improve quality of life through the daily inclusion of probiotics, and considering the environmental and lifestyle challenges faced by women today, it just made sense to add GanedenBC30 to this new product,” said Mike Bush, vice president of business development, Ganeden Biotech.

In addition to its Protein Powders, Empowered Premium Nutrition will also offer two supplements; Internal Defense-Antioxidant and Immune Pro-Probiotic for digestive health. Internal Defense is made from whole-foods and contains powerful fruits and herbs to guard against free-radicals such as those associated with intense exercise. Other benefits include helping to restore cellular health, fighting the effects of aging, and supporting a healthy immune system. Immune Pro supports the “friendly” internal bacteria. The special probiotic blend in Immune Pro helps support digestion, helps the body to absorb healthy nutrients, and helps support the immune system.

Future products offerings will include a whole-food, gluten-free nutrition bar made from high-quality ingredients. They will be available in a variety of flavors and will provide the perfect snack for between meals or for a quick, nutritious meal on-the-go.

Empowered Premium Nutrition will give back. Nine percent of the sale proceeds from Empowered Protein powders and nutrition bars will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to fight breast cancer. The company will also be associated with other foundations in order to empower women and help bring awareness to breast cancer and other women’s health concerns.


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