Nebraska Cultures offers children’s chewable probiotics

Nebraska Cultures offers children’s chewable probiotics

Nebraska Cultures Inc. (, the creator and exclusive supplier of Dr. Shahani’s® L. acidophilus, now offers their popular health maintenance formula in a convenient and tasty raspberry chewable – ideal for children and the entire family. The Dr. Shahani's Pro-Flora™ Children’s Chewables are formulated with two complementary probiotic strains - designed for optimal effectiveness and beneficial for everyday health. The DDS-1 strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus predominates in the small intestine, and Bifidobacterium bifidum colonizes in large numbers in the large intestine and colon. This combination works synergistically to maintain the best possible health and protection for the digestive system, and improve regularity, in both children and adults. Comprised of selectively isolated and cultured pure probiotic strains, which were developed over four decades by Dr. Shahani, the most respected name in probiotic research, each tablet contains over 1.5 billion live organisms.

“With the growing popularity of probiotics as part of an overall prophylactic health regimen, we wanted to offer a formulation that was appropriate for the entire family – children included,” explained Michael Shahani, director of operations for Nebraska Cultures. “Not only will kids love these tasty chewables, but adults of all ages who don’t like to swallow capsules will love the convenience of this tasty chewable alternative.”

Probiotics, often added to foods such as yogurt or other digestible items, have fast become among the most popular natural supplements consumers use to sustain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy intestine is one that maintains a critical balance between the friendly and harmful bacteria. Lactobacillus acidophilus, one of the beneficial microorganisms, is the first line of defense in re-colonizing the human gut with “friendly bacteria.” Documented benefits of Dr. Shahani’s strain of L. acidophilus include:

Helps digest proteins and carbohydrates
Produces B vitamins and folic acid (essential for fetal development)
Produces enzymes that help reduce lactose intolerance
Produces natural beneficial acids that help digest food and fight infection
Produces natural antibiotic-like substances that kill pathogenic bacteria
Suppresses bad bacteria, reducing:
Yeast Infections
Skin problems
Bad breath
Stomach Ulcers
Helps the body to absorb calcium
Inhibits multiplication of cancerous cells
Reduces serum cholesterol levels in the blood

For more information on Dr. Shahani's® Pro-Flora™ Children’s Chewables, please visit:

About Nebraska Cultures:
Since 1981, Nebraska Cultures has supplied the natural products industry with the finest probiotic cultures – the Dr. Shahani's® brand – specializing in the DDS-1 strain of L. acidophilus. Nebraska Cultures remains at the forefront of the probiotic industry by performing new research, increasing consumer awareness, growing its business overseas and expanding into functional foods.

As one of the most influential probiotics scientists to date, Dr. Khem Shahani began his landmark research on Lactobacillus acidophilus at the University of Nebraska in the late 1950s. There he discovered a particular strain of L. acidophilus that showed superior growth, stability (clinical studies) and nutritional viability. Dr. Shahani would later name the strain DDS-1 for the Department of Dairy Science Number One strain and spend the rest of his career unlocking its potentials for improving overall health.

For more information about DDS-1 or Nebraska Cultures, please visit: or call toll free 1-877-377-4242.

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